Honda Mower Auto Choke Problems

The Honda brand itself is dynamic enough in the market to turn heads but as an established brand that deploys the latest technology, it comes out tops as the market?s best self propelled lawn mower any homeowner would be proud to own.

Most modern Honda lawn mowers would have a dynamic Autochoke system to enjoy a smooth functioning of its components. Its dynamism could be confirmed with various mower brands fitting these Honda engine Autochoke system.

Dynamics of Honda Autochoke

The dynamism of Honda engine carburetors is set through the sophisticated technologies applied where the right mixture of air and fuel is required for a smooth engine run. A cold engine requires less air to get going than when it is warmed up. This sets in place the controllable restrictor known as the choke plate in Honda engines. Alternatives include the primer bulb which would manually inject the fuel.

Honda auto choke demo

Honda engines today boast of a manual choke that is specially inserted into the throttle control and cable. When the throttle exceeds the FAST position to enter into CHOKE status, the choke plate would be closed. When the engine becomes warm, the lever goes out of CHOKE and moves into FAST with a fully open choke plate for maximum air flow.

It is common for first-time lawnmower users not to understand the choke purpose in totality; much less its proper usage for greater dynamism. Hence, they would encounter various start-up activities or mower conditions that could prove frustrating. There could be various components which are related to the start-up facilitation to add on to the chaos and frustration encountered by the user.

The control cable might be broken or bent during the folding of handlebars to be stored away. Exhaust emissions may deteriorate with an improper choke that is persistently deployed without a proper understanding. Hence, lawn mower users should consider automating the choke process on any engine start-up to ease the potentially challenging situation. Autochoke Process

A cold engine causes the internal spring to exert a consistent pressure on the engine choke control to ensure a closure on the choke plate. When the engine starts up, the engine heat works to warm the wax cylinder to cause an expansion of the wax that pushes the piston out. This would force the choke control to move in the opposite direction for the choke plate to open; thus, more air would enter into the engine.

As the engine shuts down and cools off, the wax that is found in the wax cylinder also cools down with contraction. The spring inside is pushed back to the choke control and the choke plate reverts to its original closed position with the piston retracting back to the wax cylinder for the designed shutdown positions.

Common Autochoke Issues

It is possible for the Honda lawn mower with an Autochoke system to become challenging in its functionality. An improper malfunction may cause the lawnmower to become impossible or quite challenging to start up. There are various potential causes of this startup issue which could include clogged carburetors, bad spark plug or stale gasoline as well as blocked air filters besides a malfunctioning Autochoke.

A frequent issue with the Autochoke system is its automatic shutdown of the engine before it is fully warmed up upon a start up. The mower does not allow a restart especially in cooler weather conditions. Hence, the engine must run for a minimal 3 minutes to enjoy a full warm up to avoid the automatic shutdown in order to activate the Autochoke.

If the choke plate is open, it could be impossible to attempt any restarts especially with a cold engine and too much air entering. The best effort would be to cool off the engine for the choke plate to return to its closed position before restarting with a full warm up of at least 3 minutes to ensure a proper shutdown and restart. Inspection of the Autochoke

The mower engine must be totally cold before the air cleaner cover and filter components are to be removed. The choke plate should also be completely closed. Then the engine should run for 3 minutes at least to be fully warmed before shutting it to ensure a fully opened choke plate.

The engine should be allowed to cool for half an hour before rechecking the choke plate condition. The choke plate needs to be completely opened and closed to confirm the proper functioning of the Autochoke.

Honda mowers have a warranty against defective Autochokes where the linkage and wax cylinder could be replaced for free through an authorized Honda dealer. Some Honda mower owners may encounter an affected Honda model which may have an expired warranty. These mower owners would need to identify the true cause of the defect before procuring the right parts for replacement.

Potential Issues

Identifying the exact problem and source of the problem is critical to resolving any issue with the Honda mower. Mower owners need to be 100% sure of the issue with their lawn mower instead of jumping to the conclusion that it is an autochoke problem just because of hearsay.

Most issues could be resulted from a simple problem such as the choke not fully opened or closed properly. Many lawn owners know how to identify the issue on their malfunctioning lawn mower; much less identify the required parts for replacement. Honda lawn mower owners should know the full serial number of the engine to find out the mower?s warranty status. This would help the mower owner have greater confidence in approaching authorized Honda service providers on their mower units. A lot of savings could be enjoyed if the mower owner keeps track of the warranty of their mower device during its term of service.

Honda mower owners could refer to the authorized Honda dealer or service provider for the right form of inspection and evaluation to resolve the issue. Any confirmed defective part of the mower during its warranty term would have the repairs executed with billing to Honda instead of the device owner.

Authorized Honda Dealer Honda lawn mower owners are highly recommended to seek out reliable authorized Honda dealers to work on their faulty devices. Honda lawn mower owners should keep their proof-of-purchase receipts and their unit?s warranty card to enjoy potential free repair services and replacements.

There may be certain special procedures and processes which Honda lawn mower owners may face. Only experienced and skilled Honda dealers or authorized service centers are competent in removing the right parts of the lawn mowers such as the black ATV silicone, original housing thermowax or even the choke plate.

Honda auto choke repair


A good quality lawn mower like the Honda mower is very much sought after by many homeowners who need to keep their lawn or yard tidy and cut regularly. But the simple machine may have various complicated components which could generate some issues for the layman on lawn mowers.

Although there may be a variety of issues that causes the malfunctioning of the Honda mower such as old or bad gasoline, faulty spark plug or problematic flywheel key, another potential issue could be the autochoke system.

If such problems persist, it is best to refer to the authorized Honda dealer or repair service provider instead of tinkering with the device using the owner manual.


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