Here’s why Joaquin Phoenix should not be compared to the other jokers.

Here’s why Joaquin Phoenix should not be compared to the other jokers.

  • This article contains spoilers for the movie JOKER

Joaquin Phoenix has done an immensely resplendent role in Joker. The way he has portrayed the character with so much elegance is just commendable. The movie is enthralling with all it?s cast doing a phenomenal job in making the audience go discombobulated.

It was a matter of a few moments that Phoenix?s role as Arthur Fleck in the movie ?Joker? became an augmenting topic. All social media had hashtags like joker, joker movie and Joaquin phoenix trending. People wanted to write reviews about the movie in a flash.

One thing which was noticeable in almost all the reviews was the comparison between Joaquin?s character with that of the Late actor Heath Ledger who was chosen to play the role of Joker in The Dark Knight. Within a few moments, the ranking of whom people thought played the ?better? joker was out.

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Heath?s character was undoubtedly phantasmagorical but Joaquin?s character had a different story than that of Heath or any of the other actors who played the role of joker. Joaquin had to play Arthur Fleck, a person who was tired of being shunned from the society. Joaquin had a much more humanized depiction of Joker than any of the other actors.

Heath had to play a psychotic version of Joker from the very starting of the movie whereas Joaquin was shown as a person desperate for approval and because of the lack of support and constant experiences of anathema, he had no option but to turn into this calamitous personality. There was a reason and a foundation to why Arthur became so malevolent by the end of the movie.

Heath on the other hand was shown as a person who already had an enigmatic substructure to his character. He was already vicious. There was no reason as to why his character was so dedicated to do an act which was so heinous in nature. Meanwhile the other actors such as Jared Leto, Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero have a very similar experience with their characters.

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Comparing Phoenix?s dedication to his character to the other actors will take out the very essence of the film. It will bring out the uniqueness of not only Phoenix but of Arthur Fleck. Phoenix along with the whole crew and cast of the movie has done substantial justice to the film and Todd Phillip?s role as a director in this film is highly commendable.

The movie is in fact a masterpiece of it?s time and the hard work of not only Joaquin Phoenix, the cast of the film and Todd Phillips, the director of the film but of the whole crew including producers, writers, editors,composers, hair stylists, make up artists, stunt people, casting, camera person and many more is meritorious.

Joker (2019) – IMDb

Joker (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Here is the full cast and crew of the film Joker without which the movie won?t be such a huge success.

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