Help 1–888–588–2108 activation code

Help 1–888–588–2108 activation code

To Activate your Crackle Device, Call +1?888?588?2108

How do I activate my Smart TV device?

  1. If you have a Crackle app, you may activate it by entering an activation code at on your computer or mobile device.
  2. If you do not have your activation code, there are several ways to find it depending on your device:
  3. When you first open the Crackle app, you will be presented with a popup that gives you the option to either ?activate your device? or ?skip?. When you select ?activate your device you will see the activation code.
  4. You can also get an activation code by selecting the ?My Crackle? option on the menu bar and then selecting the ?Activation? option.
  5. Enter the activation code at

Why should I activate my device?

  • Activation is used in place of traditional login (with a Crackle username/password) on several Smart TVs and other devices including Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation and others.
  • By activating you gain access to Crackle?s suite of personalized features, such as your Watch Later list, parental controls and more.


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As the global average Internet speed increases day by day along with a decrease in overall spending for the Internet, live streaming of entertainment content is becoming more common than ever. The era of CD / DVD and downloads have been left behind, since live streaming of the same content is ten times more convenient and convenient. All you need to do is open the application and name the content you want to see. In a matter of minutes, you can enjoy the movie or TV show without any problem. There are many online content streaming service providers, and is one of them.

What is the crackle?

There are many content streaming websites available on the Internet. But, most of those websites / sources have a subscription fee. There are also some free fonts, but they are not so reliable. is an official platform developed by Sony Entertainment with the sole purpose of streaming content online. It is a 100% free website that offers you the latest episodes of your favorite movies and TV shows on the release schedule. All you have to do is set up the account on the official website and then link the account with any of your smart devices such as Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, PS, Fire TV, etc. Once you?re done with that, you can simply log in to your crackle account and start watching your favorite content online without problems.

Setting up a new account may seem a bit confusing, but it?s quite simple and straightforward. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and activating the account. Be sure to follow all the steps carefully, so you don?t miss out on any vital part.

This explains how to set up and activate the account on several devices.

How to set up and activate the account

Register online for the account on the website

This is the first step you must follow to add cracking on any of your devices. All you have to do is go to the website and follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Sony crackle homepage by clicking on the link below.

2. Link:

3. If you cannot visit the website, is probably not available in your country. Visit the back of the article to learn how to use crackle services outside the US. UU.

4. After that, simply click on the ?Login? option in the upper left of the web page.

5. Now, a login window will appear. If you have already created an account at, complete the credentials and log in. Otherwise, click on the ?Register for free? button.

6. Here, you must put all your personal information, such as name, date of birth, gender, etc.

7. Note: You will not be able to create a crackle account if you were born after 2009.

8. Once you have put all the information, click on the ?Create account? button.

9. Now, a confirmation window will appear, congratulating you for successfully creating the account.

10. That?s it. Now you can activate cracking on your smart device.

How to use

How to activate Crackle on several smart devices

As mentioned earlier, crackle supports a wide range of smart devices such as PS, Xbox, Roku, etc. Simply follow the steps provided below to activate crackle on your preferred platform.

How to Activate Crackle on Roku

If you have a Roku configuration, you can simply follow the steps below to enjoy crackle services on your Roku device.

Prepare the Roku configuration for the installation of crackle services.

1. Log in to your crackle account that you created a couple of minutes ago.

2. On your Roku, go to ?Channel Store? as shown in the image below.

3. After that, select the ?Most popular? option from the list.

4. Once you select that, you should be able to see the ?Crackle? channel logo in the list of the most popular Roku channel lists. Select on the channel to continue.

5. Now, you should receive an activation code on your screen, provided to activate cracking services on your system. Be sure to memorize or write the code, as it will be necessary later.

6. Now, visit the crackle website and click on the ?Activate a device? option.

7. Now, the website will ask you to enter the activation code. Simply put the activation code you received earlier to continue.

8. After that, click on the ?Activate? button to activate cracking services on your Roku.

9. Now, wait until the system recognizes your code. After a few minutes, the Crackle channel should be available on your Roku device.

10. To enjoy the broadcast, simply open the ?Crackle? channel on your Roku.

The crackle activation procedure on other smart devices such as Xbox, PlayStation or Smart TV is similar to the one mentioned above. Simply download and install the crackle application on the platform of your smart device and follow the steps in Step number 5.


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