Guide to Gilded Voyages

Guide to Gilded Voyages

The Fan Favorite Festivities Return

During the duration of the ?Legends of the Sea? update, you can pick up a special prize by talking to Duke in any Tavern. In his Black Market he?s giving away four different varieties of Gilded Voyages! These are special one time voyages that give a lot of loot very quickly, and we?ve compiled everything you need to know about these lucrative quests.

NOTE: For those familiar with Gilded Voyages of the past, the latest merchant voyage is different from before! Read below for details

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Unlike past monthly voyages, YOU MAY ONLY PICK UP ONE GILDED VOYAGE. Once selected, you won?t be able to get another copy, or any of the other three varieties, so CHOOSE WISELY and DON?T BEGIN THE VOYAGE UNTIL YOU?RE READY TO COMPLETE IT.If you cancel the voyage or quit the session, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT OVER.

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  • Because you share in the spoils with your whole crew, the most efficient way to use Gilded Voyages is in a full four person galleon. Each crew member can select a voyage, so each crew member can complete four instead of just one!
  • The loot you?ll gather during these voyages (Captain?s Chests, Villainous Skulls, Crates of Exotic Silk, or Chests of Legends) can be sold at your regular outpost vendors, OR at the Masked Stranger in the Reaper?s Hideout in the middle of the map.
  • Selling at the Reaper?s Hideout gives twice as much gold but NO REPUTATION, and make sure to check for other players camping the location as they?ll be expecting you. There are also commendations to be earned for selling these items here, so check out our full Reaper?s Hideout Guide for details
  • There are four varieties of Gilded Voyages: Gilded Gold Hoarder Voyage, Gilded Merchant Stash, Gilded Order of Souls Voyage, and Gilded Voyage of Legends. I describe what each entails below, so you can decide which one to pick

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Gilded Gold Hoarder Voyage

This epic voyage will fill your quest wheel with 8 quests, each an X-Marks the Spot. The larger islands contain as many as 8 X?s, while smaller islands will have 2?4, and the entire voyage includes around 45 chests to dig up in total. Every single one of those will be a Captain?s Chest.

Gilded Merchant Stash

8 quests will fill your map wheel, each pointing to a separate fort with 5 X Marks the Spot stashes. That?s a total of 40 items to dig up, every single one being a Crate of Exotic Silks.

Gilded Order of Souls Voyage

These voyages and the Bounties included in the Athena?s Voyage both have a unique trait in common- rather than every wave of skeletons spawning as a different variety of skeleton type, each wave contains a mix of all types (white, shadow, gold, plant). The voyage itself consists of a full 8 quest maps, each containing 4 skeleton captains for a total of 32 skulls as your reward. Every single one of those will be a Villainous Skull.

Gilded Athena?s Voyage of Legends

This option is only available to buy if you are a Pirate Legend.

The quest consists of 8 maps- 2 Riddles, 2 X-marks the Spot, 2 OOS bounties, and 2 Cargo Runs. The X-Marks the Spot maps have around 6 X?s each, and both OOS bounties have 4 captains each, and of course every skull and chest that you find will be Villainous Skulls and Captain?s Chests. In a gloriously convenient twist, every one of these maps will only point to two different islands that are nearby each other. Each island will have 1 riddle, 1 X-marks the spot, and 1 OOS bounty, and each island contains the NPC to deliver cargo from and to the opposite island. Piece of cake! What?s more, after completing these quests and revealing the legendary final chapter, there will be THREE Chests of Legends to dig up as your reward.

But beware! If other ships on the server realize you?re doing a Gilded Athena, they may try to stalk you or camp strategically to steal the Chests of Legends. Be on your toes!

So there you have it! If you?ve done Gilded Voyages before, you?ll know what to expect and how lucrative these voyages can be, although the Merchant Stash is different from previous Cargo Run voyages. You can save the voyage and use it in the future (like during a Double XP weekend), or try and complete Reaper?s Hideout commendations. Good luck and happy sailing!


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