Guide To Buy Your First Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow

Guide To Buy Your First Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow

Dakimakuras seem to be a very embarrassing topic among the anime community. So I?m going to give some buying tips for first-time buyers and the reasons for buying one.

Reasons for buying an Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow


Humans are a social animal so for the few of us who aren?t both men and women need a sense of comfort and companionship and the dakimakura will serve that purpose. What?s better than having one of your favorite anime characters or anime crushes to hug and cuddle with.

2.Back and body pain

As someone who suffers from many physical issues and has problems sleeping due to sharp body pains. I found after buying my first dakimakura that it helped relieve the pain to the point where I could get a full nights sleep and function better during the day.

3.Decorative Purposes

If your looking to turn your bedroom into an otakus paradise, the dakimakura makes a great decoration. Having almost life size artwork of a certain character really makes your room and anime collection stand out.

4.Uh!???Dirty reasons

A lot of you probably already know that a lot of dakimakuras have either a half-naked or completely undressed version of the character on the opposite side of the pillowcase and for the few of you who want some alone time with a certain anime character than the dakimakura is definitely for you, the photos online don?t do justice when it comes to the amount of detail in the artwork.

Tips for first-time buyers :

1. Which size should I buy?

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The Anime Dakimakura body pillow appears in three major sizes 100 35cm, 150 50cm and 160 60cm, it can be beaten into various shapes and sizes based on the desire of the user though after a through sunbathe. The most standard size is 50x150cm and that?s what I would recommend for you first-time buyers. Otherwise, there?s 50x160cm.

2. Which fabric is better?

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For the first purchase, Peach Skin is a cost-effective fabric for choice. With nice durability, but nearly with no elasticity. For winter, Super Soft Velvet will keep you warm in the cold night, very suitable for winter. Don?t want to wash the Dakimakura too often, Smooth Knit is resistant to soiling. Colorful and never fade, difficult to winkle. Looking for the best fabric, 2 Way Tricot Fabric is highly recommended. It?s super Smooth and Soft, very exquisite when printed with images.

3. How to wash it?

As the product is printed, please use cold water to wash your printed materials to preserve the colors.

Do not use special chemicals for whitening clothes.

Soak your case or covers in cold water which is mixed with detergent and gently wash them.

Let is stay soaked for 15 minutes. Then wash away detergent by cold water.

Hang it on a suitable place to get dry.

Do not hand them in direct contact with very strong sunlight.

4.How to Hide it?

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Purchase a Pillow Protector for Your Anime Dakimakura

Remove the Pillow Case from Your Anime Dakimakura Inner

Tossing It under Your Bed

Toss Her in the Closet

At Last, you may want to know where to buy the cheap and high-quality Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow?

Great Websites to buy Dakimakuras from-,here are the reasons:

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1.Worldwide Shipping Supported. Now worldwide fast shipping is supported on Coosfly, no matter which region or country you live, you could have it if the express is available in your country. There are three different ways for you to choose?Normal Air shipping, DHL, and EMS. As you know, the DHL express is the fastest, and the Normal air shipping is the cheapest way.

2.Official Original Design. All anime dakimakura pillow are designed by our professional artists, all artists come from native Japan. If you are looking for the Originally designed dakimakura, then Coosfly is your best choice.

3.Quality Promise. We choose Paypal as the payment, as you know, customers? rights are guaranteed by PayPal. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of your money and dakimakura!

4.Variety. There are over 10000 cool designs waiting for you, there are abundant dakimakura pillow available for you. If you enjoy these anime dakimakura pillows, welcome to Coosfly!

5.30 days money back guaranteed. We have a 7-day replacement scheme where you get to return or replace your product within seven days of your order. The main issue with choosing a product is that you don?t get to touch or feel it with your hands.

6.Free custom-made service. Customers are often not satisfied with the large collection of Eromanga Sensei prints that we have on our pillows. In order to prevent customers from narrowing down their choices to a limited number of products, we offer the scope for customized pillow covers.


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