Greek Mythology: The story of Nyx

Greek Mythology: The story of Nyx

Nyx was one of the first created deities, because of her being one of the first she is a Primordial God. She is the daughter of the goddess Chaos. Nyx is the goddess of night, she is usually described as a beautiful women, dressed in black, and often portrayed in three different ways, she was either winged, charioteer, or crowned with a dark mist. With her being one of the first Gods she is also the most powerful. So powerful that Zeus even feared her because she was much older than him and more powerful. Nyx?s powers consisted of being able to bring sleep or death to the human race. Nyx lives in the depths of Tartarus while she does live down there she is not evil. Nyx has never doing more evil than Zeus has but because of her mysterious and dark nature she can be sometimes portrayed this way.

Nyx married Erebus, the God of darkness. Here are some of the children that both of them had:

  • Aether (God of Light)
  • Hemera (Goddess of Day)
  • Oneiroi (God of dreams)
  • The Keres: They were goddesses of violent and cruel deaths (Goddess of violent and cruel deaths)
  • The Moirai: They were three sisters, Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis (Goddesses of fate)
  • The Hesperides: Three Nymphs sisters; Alternative versions may say that the parents of the Hesperides was Altas and Hesperis.(Goddesses of the evening and sunset)

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  • Hypnos (God of Sleep)
  • Thanatos: Hypnos twin brother (God of Death)
  • Geras (Personification of old age)
  • Momus (God of Ridicule and Scorn)
  • Moros (Personification of Doom)
  • Eris (Goddess of Strife and discord)
  • Nemesis (Goddess of retribution)
  • Apate (Personification of deception and fraud)
  • Oizys (Goddess of misery and suffering)
  • Philotes (Goddess of friendship and affection)
  • Ouranos (God of the Sky)
  • Astra Planeta (Gad of the Wandering Star
  • Hecate (Goddess of magic)

Overall Nyx and Erebus have over 1000 daughters and 1000 sons.

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