‘Google Sammy Sosa Hat’

‘Google Sammy Sosa Hat’

Atlanta teaches us how to plug.

Atlanta, a television series by Donald Glover on FX, aired a commercial-free episode called ?Teddy Perkins? on Thursday, April 5. In the episode, Darius tells his friends to ?Google Sammy Sosa Hat?. Earn (who is also Donald Glover) said ?I got it?, searched it on his phone, and then showed it to the others in the group. The entire group bursts into laughter.

Image for postThis is what shows up when you Google Sammy Sosa Hat and here?s the story behind it. (image credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVnBoLVxdB0)

Although, it was just part of the show, viewers were curious to find out what shows up in the search results when you google ?Sammy Sosa Hat????pure marketing genius on Atlanta?s part.

Google Trends results in real-time show that viewers did looked up Sammy Sosa Hat during watching the episode.

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Some viewers googled Sammy Sosa Hat? AND reacted with the hashtag #AtlantaFX on Twitter.


Because Sammy Sosa?s appearance is widely controversial, adding it to the show only adds more steam to engagement on social media.

If you don?t watch the show, seeing the conversation on your timeline could trigger curiosity (brand awareness for Atlanta), or, if you do watch the show, it?s a reminder to tune in or watch later(free advertising).

This is a good tool to consider in your own digital marketing ? creating engagement across multiple platforms to help expand your reach by word of mouth and keeping customers excited about your brand.


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