Getting to Flamenco Beach, Culebra; The Best Beach in the World

Getting to Flamenco Beach, Culebra; The Best Beach in the World

How to get to the Fantastic Playa Flamenco

Flamenco Beach is a hidden gem tucked away on Puerto Rico?s outlying island, Culebra. It is an ocean side paradise with no equal. But getting there isn?t as simple as other Puerto Rican beaches. Here?s my guide to getting to the magnificent beach, and everything you need to know to prepare yourself for it.

Getting to Culebra

Similar to going to Vieques island, getting to Culebra comes with a few options. You can either catch a flight over or choose the ferry (once again). The decision is based off whether you have more time or money to spend. We rented a car from San Juan, and drove to the ferry terminal in Ceiba. It took an hour and a half to get there, but allow some extra time for traffic. The ferry ride took us about 45mins until we arrived at the beautiful island.

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Reserving Ferry Tickets to Culebra

It?s possible to buy tickets at the ferry terminal, but there?s never a guarantee they won?t sell out. We were fortunate to visit on the off season in November so there were no crowds. But during peak travel season (usually summer months), there might be a a limited amount of space so either buy them way before your departure time or online. You?ll have to pay a little extra for a service fee, but it?s worth it to hold your spot. Here?s the ferry schedule from Ceiba to Culebra.

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Ceiba Ferry Terminal

If you?re driving to Ceiba, you can park your car for just $7 per 24 hours. A van will then shuttle you to the ferry terminal. Be sure to eat before or pack some snacks since dining options are limited to greasy concession stand food or vending machines. After you scan your ticket, head to the Culebra seating side to wait for your ride. Residents usually get priority boarding, which is another reason to book tickets well in advance.

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Getting around Culebra

Culebra is a small island so it?s pretty standard to just go for a day trip. But if you?re looking to stay a few days on this island paradise, you can always find a hotel. There are golf karts and jeeps that you can also rent to drive yourself around. If you are only going to Flamenco Beach, there are taxi shuttles waiting to take you there for only $3 a person. There are tons of drivers transporting people from Flamenco beach back to the ferry terminal, but you can also call the taxi service at your convenience ( +1 787?358?4816).

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*If you are going to take the shuttle DO NOT pay in advance for a round trip! One of the drivers offered a 5$ round trip fee but then gave us a fake number and never came back when we called him.

Playa Flamenco

Upon arrival, you?ll see why all the trials and tribulations were worth it. Consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach does not disappoint. It?s filled with gorgeous, soft, white sand and devoid of almost any seaweed or debris. Perfectly clear, calm, turquoise waters line the inlet while majestic hills and palm trees fill the coastline. The beach is super clean and very empty compared to other top beaches. It truly is a secluded paradise, worthy being the greatest in the world.

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The Tanks of Flamenco Beach

Along the shore line of this beautiful 1 mile beach lies a forgotten tank. Facing the ocean, walk down to the left and you can?t miss it. This rusted, old relic is a remnant of the USA Navy testing facility. The abandoned tanks are now covered in colorful artistic graffiti that gives the beach its own unique flare.

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*I would suggest arriving early in the morning and leaving BY 5:30pm. The mosquitoes come out in full force as the sun starts to set and even our bug repellent did little to keep them away.

Food on Culebra

While many people bring their own food while visiting Flamenco, There is an array of concession stands with lots of options. Besides the beach area, our favorite restaurant was the Dinghy Dock. Only about a 6min walk from the ferry terminal, It has amazing food and a cool atmosphere. The restaurant is right on the water and there?s even a swarm of large fish circling around for food. The pinchos and lobster empanadillas were great!

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Flamenco beach is the best beach I?ve ever been to in my life. If you have some time I recommend making the trip out to see it. I?m looking forward to visiting the world?s other top beaches to see how they compare to this Caribbean paradise. Seeing tanks on a beach is another unique feature that sets it apart from anywhere in the world! Here?s a guide if you?d like to visit the sister island Vieques. And for more of the best things to do on the mainland, check out my Top 10 Best Things to do in Puerto Rico. As always, thanks for reading and keep leveling up!

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Flamenco Beach is a hidden gem tucked away on Puerto Rico’s outlying island, Culebra. It is an ocean side paradise with?


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