George Jung: Biography & Net Worth

George Jung: Biography & Net Worth

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George Jung, one of the biggest drug traffickers in American history, was released from jail in June 2014 after very nearly 20 years in prison. Jung was the subject of the prominent 2001 Johnny Depp film Blow, which ends with the miserable scene above of Jung conceding that his little girl was the best thing in his life

George Jacob Jung was born on August sixth, 1942. Jung was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Frederick and Ermine Jung and was brought up in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He was never too great in scholastics. But Jung?s was dependably a star footballer, and he was a characteristic pioneer

George Jacob Jung otherwise called George Jung or Boston George has total net worth of $10 thousand dollars. This cash has been earned through cocaine exchange all through the United States between the 1970s and the 1980s. He was a piece of the Medellin Cartel, which was in charge of the greatest cocaine carrying into the US. The Medellin Cartel was in charge of 89% of cocaine carried. Jung?s cocaine abilities originate from his days in Colombia.

George has no outlined career, he just used to smuggle bank and sell it. He moved on from the Weymouth High School in 1961 and after that went to the University of Southern Mississippi. There he began contemplating promoting, but he never overcame, as he began using and offering Maryjane. In 1967 with his companion Philip Eugene Sadler, Jung began benefitting by pirating cannabis that he obtained in California. He sold it in New England. He even used his attendant sweetheart to transport sedates in her bag. George started to fly in medications from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico using stolen planes from private aero plane terminals in Cape Cod. He and his partners used to make practically $250,000 a month.

This underlying business attempt planted the seeds of a thought for sneaking bigger amounts of weed from California to New England where he knew there was an appeal. He was very effective, and through the span of the following seven years, George manufactured an extensive carrying realm. At his pinnacle, he was making as much as $250,000 every month. His cocaine pirating operations made him a multi-mogul for all intents and purposes overnight. After some time, George turned into the biggest runner of cocaine in the United States. He is purportedly in charge of pirating 80?90% of the cocaine found in America amid the 50s. George was captured in 1987. In 1994, he started carrying pot once more but was in this way got. George Jung is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a jail in Texas. George Jung was made acclaimed when Johnny Depp played him in the motion picture Blow.

In 1974 he got captured for carrying 660 pounds of weed to Chicago. Jung was to meet an association who might get the weed from him. He was remaining at the Playboy Club in the season of the capture. His sentence was decreased after he contended with the judge. He was sent to government jail in Danbury, Connecticut. In 2001 a biopic was made on him called ?Blow?. It featured Johnny Depp.


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