Game Recognizes Game — Every. Single. Time.

Game Recognizes Game — Every. Single. Time.

When you finally commit to achieving phenomenal things in life, others will gravitate towards you and help you.

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Game recognizes game but what does that mean exactly?

Urban dictionary defines it as such:

Game Recognizes Game: {Concept}Is the idea that two Players, see playa, of unequal respect when meeting, will recognize and even pay homage to the player of greater respect.

For example: When I went to a bar in Hollywood, I ran into Hugh Hefner. I had to give him props. Any player would know that, Game Recognizes Game.

You Don?t Need To Be Hugh Hefner In Order To Gain Respect From Your Peers

No, my dear friends and colleagues, the only thing you need to be is someone that consistently delivers on the things you say you are going to deliver on.

Let your work ethic and passion do the talking for you.

If you are consistently working hard towards being the best you can be in your field or industry, then sooner or later you are bound to start having some major breakthroughs. After the breakthroughs start to happen, chances are that other more successful people in that field will start to notice you and they will respect your work ethic and your determination that you have displayed thus far.

These people will want to extend their hand to you to help you get a boost to the next level that you are trying to reach. Likewise, you will want to do the same for others who are trying to achieve their goals.

That seems to be how it works.

At least, that has been my experience recently as a Writer and Blogger.

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First Thing?s First

When I finally decided to take my Blog seriously back in early April of 2018, something happened internally for me. My mind and my heart were finally committed to one thing.

Achieving success as a Blogger.

All the ensuing actions that I took and the habits that I developed were aligned with this one simple goal:

To become a successful Blogger on Medium.

I started setting goals each month for what I wanted my following to be at and for how many articles I would like to publish each week.

I also started reading several Blog posts by other much more successful Bloggers.

I drew inspiration from their work.

Each day, I would take time to leave them genuine comments on their writing that I know they must have worked hard to create in the first place.

I wanted to let these writers and bloggers know that I saw what they were doing and I respected their body of work. I respected their skillet and the dedication they put into their craft.

Their stories and articles blew me away and evoked emotions in me every time I read one of their pieces.

They were creating magic out of thin air every time they wrote something.

I admired them for that.

Game recognizes game.

These Successful People Started To Reciprocate That Respect

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Next thing you know, amazing Bloggers and Writers such as Brian Brewington, Tom Kuegler, nan fischer, Iris F. Breuer, and several others started to connect with me. They started reading more of my writing and sharing it with their colleagues. Their support and encouragement made me want to continue on my own writing journey.

People were taking notice of what I was doing. They were enjoying my writing and it was helping them have a better day. My written words were inspiring more and more people.

One person at a time.

I honestly couldn?t believe it at first. I thought it was almost too good to be true. Yet, it was 100% true. It was actually happening.

When you build momentum through constant effort?

Others will take notice of you sooner or later. It?s hard for people not to notice someone that is giving it their everything in order to achieve what they want out of life.

I noticed these people and now they were noticing me.

We started forming a community and helping each other. That?s the beauty of writing and Blogging. It is one of the many fantastic things about the community that is on Medium.

A perfect example of building communities is when Brian Brewington recently asked me to be his co-editor for Journal Of Journeys. It was a huge honor for me because if anyone would have told me a few years ago that I would be asked to be a co-editor for an up and coming online publication, I would have laughed in their face.

I wasn?t supposed to become a writer. I wasn?t supposed to enjoy something like Blogging and building writing communities online.

What happened to me?

Game recognized game.

That?s what happened.

I Joined Other Writing Communities

Over the past 6 or 7 months, I have become a writer for The Writing Cooperative, The Ascent, Writers Guild, Publishous, Amateur Book Reviews, and last but not least Journal Of Journeys whom as I have previously stated, I am also a Co-Editor for as well.

These are all fantastic writing communities to be a part of and it has been an unbelievable experience so far. The networking I have been able to do and the things I have learned from all of the talented writers that are a part of these communities has been astounding, to say the least.

Every single day when I read different articles in any one of the various publications on Medium, I always notice and pay attention to the comments that were left on that article. Nine times out of ten, I have seen the comments be positive and encouraging. It makes me profoundly happy to see other people showing the same respect and appreciation to these writers that I have always tried to personally demonstrate to my own writing heroes.

Nicolas Cole, Tim Denning, Alden Tan, Jon Westenberg ? are just a few of my early inspirations that I have followed religiously for the past 6 or 7 months. It has all come full-circle for me and I could not be more grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.

I respected what these guys were all about and the way they told their own unique stories.

I wanted to do the same and inspire others in the same way that these writers have inspired me.

Through it all, I have remained true to myself and not pretended to be something that I am not.

And one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned throughout the course of my writing career is?

Game recognizes game.

Every. Single. Time.

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