Fun Facts About Famous Gaming YouTube Star SSSniperWolf

Fun Facts About Famous Gaming YouTube Star SSSniperWolf

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With her gaming videos on YouTube with her unique YouTube name SSSniperWolf, the 24 years old gamer has already earned over 6 million subscribers. She has been specializing in Call of Duty gameplay videos and also been cosplaying anime and video game characters. Here are some fun facts about this YouTube gaming sensation:

  • Her first YouTube channel is Sniper Wolf.?Misty Cosplay (Black Ops2 Zombies)? is one of her popular videos where she appeared as Abigail Misty.
  • Her nationality is British and she belongs to Greek/Turkish ethnicity.
  • Born on October 22, 1992, the YouTube personality SSSniperWolf grew up with her three siblings in England, United Kingdom.
  • Her first and favorite gaming experience: Metal Gear Solid. in fact, when she was eight years old, her father gifted her first PlayStation (PS1) as she was very interested in playing video games.
  • She has a second YouTube channel called Little Lia where she shows there her talent about crafts, home goods and recipes.
  • SSSniperWolf is one of the best online gamers out there, in fact, she?s also good at hula-hooping.
  • SSSniperWolf is actually terrified of the doctor, in fact, she hasn?t been to the doctor in almost 10 years! However, she has taken her fear of getting a check-up to the extreme.
  • SSSniperWolf revealed in a 2013 video her experience taking classes at a local community college, however, she said in her words, it?s ?Terrible? and hates it, she cited her reason for being unhappy. And in June 2016, she revealed she still had not graduated from college.
  • She?s dating her fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage. It started when Evan message her, then the two developed and began communicating all day long through text messages and Skype. But their relationships have gone through a lot of challenges, in the end, they still broke up by September 2016.
  • The famous gamer SSSniperWolf has also experienced what is it like to be in prison, but it?s no big case! It was August 14, 2016, when SSSniperWolf tweeted a mugshot to her over 600,000 followers, claiming she got arrested for disorderly conduct. Her neighbors called cops because they heard screaming & she got arrested for disorderly conduct. A few weeks later, she confirmed to YouTube to confirm that she and Evan had both been arrested, allegedly after Lia Wolf screamed because Evan had changed his screen?s background to a photo of some ?random? girl.
  • SSSniperWolf also loves pets! In fact, she even has two dogs named Kaz and Tuna.
  • SSSniperWolf, has an estimated net worth of $2 million, knowing that her YouTube channel, ads, and sponsorships are her main source of income. It?s the fruit of her hard work.

Social media has build stars from different niches. There?s a lot of gamers have built their careers by leveraging and utilizing social media, especially on YouTube.

Showing her interest in gaming from a very young age, the story behind her very first gaming system, everything has a history and that?s how it made SSSniperWolf one of those gamers who has become famous on the social media channels, most especially on YouTube.

[Updates]SSSniperWolf has switched her channel from gaming to focusing on entertaining reaction videos like these ones:

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And her follower has grown from 6 million 2 years ago to 16 million by 2019 August.

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Is SSSniperWolf still suitable for your gaming influencer campaign? I guess yes, and here?s why:

  • 73% of her subscribers are male.
  • 68% of her subscribers age from 18 to 34.
  • 31% of her subscribers are interested in gaming.
  • To sum, the demographics of her subscribers match to that of the target audience for games in general.

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