Free iPhone Government Phone

Free iPhone Government Phone

If you are familiar with FREE government phones, then you know that the US government offer so-called Lifeline Assistance to the low-income citizen. In general, this program provides an eligible household with a $9.25 monthly discount towards the telecommunication service bill.

However, there are quite many wireless companies who took the Lifeline Assistance support to the next level by offering free monthly plans and even free devices.

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Does the government provide free iPhones?

The act of FREE phones give-away raised the question if there is a way to get a FREE iPhone by the government. And the simple answer is NO. Check out how to get a free iphone

None of the wireless providers that offer FREE devices give away iPhones. Moreover, all phones that come for free are normally entry-level smartphones or flip phones. Furthermore, there are no wireless providers offering Lifeline plans that would let you choose your free device ? FREE phones are selected by the wireless company based on the current availability.

Non-Government FREE iPhones

Despite the fact that the US government doesn?t provide you with free iPhones, there are several options for you to get a free(ish) iPhone.Check out how to get free iPhone without an offer

What do we mean by FREE(ish)? Well, there are ways to get a free iPhone but you will have to pay for a plan or sign a long-term contract. This means that you will pay for some service/plan but the iPhone will come for free.

The best 3 places to look for FREE iPhones are:


o iPhone 8 ($30 activation fee + unlimited plan that costs $75/mo)

o iPhone XS ($30 activation fee + unlimited plan that costs $75/mo)

o iPhone 7 ($30 activation fee + unlimited plan that costs $75/mo)

o iPhone SE ($30 activation fee + a minimum $50/mo plan)


o iPhone 11 (trade-in and other prerequisites apply)

T-Mobile (special conditions apply)

o iPhone 11

o iPhone XR

o iPhone XS

These 3 large cell phone providers can really have special deals. And despite the fact that you will pay for the monthly plan, it can be a good deal to get a FREE iPhone on top.


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