Free Android Mockups

Free Android Mockups

Selection of Android mockups in frontal, perspective and other angles and materials like clay, realistic and simple shapes in PSD and Sketch format.

Last updated: September 1, 2020

Every digital product you want should be neatly packaged in a mockup for professional presentations. This will give your digital product a clean look, which is great for when you present your product to a group of professionals who might commission your app design. A mockup also gives your digital product a sense of realism because it will be shown through the screen of a mobile device.

The Android mockup is really endearing to professionals because of how easy it is to create. Basically, they are pre-made so you don?t actually have to create them. You just need to customize them by putting your app design on the screen of the mobile device, which is the centerpiece of the Android mockup.

You basically just have to choose the best template that will suit your digital product. Download it on your computer. Find the PSD file or Sketch formats. Open the template in either Photoshop or Sketch. Find the Smart Object of the template so you will know where to insert your own content. When you see the smart layer where you can add your product, then you just simply drag and drop your design on the screen of the Android device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 ? Clay, PSD

android mockup psdfree android mockup

Size: 6.9 MBFormat: PSD

? Download Mockup

Google Pixel 3 ? Clay, PSD

google pixel 3 mockup in actiongoogle pixel 3 mockup

Size: 3.4 MBFormat: PSD

? Download Mockup

Samsung Galaxy S8 ? Clay, Sketch

android sketch mockup

Size: 0.27 MBFormat: .sketch

? Download Mockup

Samsung Galaxy S8 ? Clay, PSD

samsung galaxy s8 clay mockupfree android mockup???samsung galaxy

Size: 10.5 MBFormat: PSD

? Download Mockup

Samsung Galaxy Mockup ? Realistic, PSD

samsung galaxy s7 mockupfree android mockup

Size: 25.7 MBFormat: PSD

? Download Mockup

HTC One A9 ? Realistic, PSD

htc one a9 mockup???psdfree android mockup

Size: 23 MBFormat: PSD

? Download Mockup

What is an Android mockup?

A mockup is a model or replica of an actual product. In the case of digital products, the digital mockup is that of a digital frame that showcases a mobile device that will showcase your output.

According to PSD Mockups experts, an android mockup is a digital replica that shows off an Android device as centerpiece. Basically, this mockup is perfect if your mobile app design is for Android devices. It will just seem silly to use Android mockups for iOS products. It just doesn?t fit. You have to realize that you want to use Android device because you want the audience to see how the product will look like post-development. A mockup showcases the digital product post-development when in fact, it is not yet in the process of pre-development. Confusing? Let?s try that again. The mockup will show how your product will look in real life.

That is the beauty of a mockup: realism! If it is real, then it is something that people can get behind.

Why use Android device?

Actually, there are many different kinds of mockups floating around the internet. But for Android apps, it just makes sense that you use the Android mockup to showcase them. However, if you are planning a more versatile digital product that will work for both the App Store and Google Play, the Android mockup is still be the best tool for you.

More than 85% of people use Android worldwide. The figure really speaks about the operating system?s global market sale. In terms of units, that translates to 329 million smartphones sold with the Android operating system. Those figures will tell you that despite iPhone being a very popular mobile phone that people spend hours queuing for when a new model is release, Android devices are actually more popular.

What are some of the Android devices? Samsung, of course, remains the most popular Android smartphone. But others are definitely catching up like the Google Pixel. Oppo is also becoming more popular because of its capability to take really amazing photos. Huawei?s global market share is also increasing every year. LG Electronics is one of those brands that have never reached its peak but has longevity anyway. Motorola has been around for a while and every now and then continues to release capable mobile devices. Other brands include Nokia, OnePlus and Sony.

Samsung mockups

Seeing that Samsung is one of the most popular mobile device brands in the plant, it is just logical for mobile app developers to also use Samsung mockups in presentations. When it comes to the brand, its flagship device has always been the Samsung Galaxy line. Just like the iPhones, this is one line that tech enthusiasts really look forward to its release. They always want the latest Samsung Galaxy phone because they know that the latest one is always better than the last.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup is so sleek that you can use it for any kind of digital product. It is a versatile kind of mockup. So if you are designing a gaming app, this would work just as well as if you are designing a messaging app.

There is a Samsung Clay mockup by Ramotion that features three phones that merge into one. Effects are definitely in place so this kind of mockup is important for simple digital products. That would include instructional materials for a tutorial app. This way, the wordy app will be balanced by the stylistic mockup. However, you shouldn?t use this kind of mockup for complex applications or mobile sites because the effects will just distract you from your main app design.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 mockup is good for gaming because of its elongated design. This way, when you turn it to the side, the horizontal frame will make it a great device for gaming. It?s just like a Switch! The Samsung Galaxy S9 Vector PSD is great for showing off details in your design.

Why people love the Android mockup

As soon as you download the mockup from a great website, app designers and developers really love it because it makes their professional lives easier. Creating a mobile application is difficult and complex. Developing it is going to be expensive. This is why developers take a chance to present their idea to a company so that they will get the necessary funding to make the actual product. Either that or the company will buy the concept. Whatever may be the case, the Android mockup is the best instrument to show off your concept.

Wonderful mockups can really save professional lives. When you have a last-minute presentation, the Android mockup can save you because it is so simple to customize.


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