Flex-Direction, Justify-Content, Align-Items

Flex-Direction, Justify-Content, Align-Items

  1. Flex-Direction:

It determines the primary axis of the layout.

[i] Column: It sets the childView vertically.By default Value of justifyDirection is column.

Image for post1.1 flexDirection:column

ii) Row: It sets the childView Horizontally.

Image for post1.2: flexDirection:row

2) JustifyContent:

Adding justifyContent to a component’s style determines the distribution of children along the primary axis. Available options are flex-start,flex-end,space-between,space-around,center.

flexDirection:?column? with justifyContent

It sets layout to the center of the column.

Image for postImage for postImage for post2.1: justifyContent: center 2.2: justifyContent: flex-end 2.3 justifyContent: space-aroundImage for post2.4 justifyContent: flex-startImage for post2.5 justifyContent: space-between

flexDirection:?row? with justifyContent

changed flexDirection to row in above example and changed justifyContent to center,flex-start,flex-end,space-between and space-around. You will get following results.

Image for postImage for postImage for post2.6: row_justifyContent_center 2.7: row_justifyContent_flex-end 2.8: row_justifyContent:_flex-startImage for post2.9 row_space_aroundImage for post2.10 row_space_between

3) AlignItems:

It determines the alignment of children along the secondary axis. If the primary axis is row, then the secondary is column, and vice versa. Available options are flex-start,flex-end,center,stretch.

flexDirection:?column? with alignItems

Image for postImage for postImage for post3.1 column_alignItems_center 3.2 column_alignItems_flex_end 3.3 column_alignItems_flex_start

flexDirection:?column? with alignItems:?stretch?

Image for post3.4 column_alignItems_stretch

flexDirection:?row? with justifyContent:?center? and alignItems

Image for postImage for postImage for post3.5 row_alignItems_center 3.6 row_alignItems_end 3.7 row_alignItems_start

flexDirection:?row? with justifyContent:?center? and alignItems:?stretch?

Image for post3.8 row_alignItems_stretch


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