Firefox: Hide Native Tabs and Titlebar

Firefox: Hide Native Tabs and Titlebar

One of the most popular Firefox add-on ? Tree Style Tab has been ported to the really fast Quantum based Firefox releases (57+). For some reason, this plugin is not yet able to auto-hide Firefox native tabs, so users now have two tabs ? one at the top and the other at the side.

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Until Tree Style Tab adds auto-hide functionality, the temporary solution is to hide the native tabs manually, using userChrome.css file.

First of all, go to about:config, and change the value of toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true.

Then click on menu ? help ? Troubleshooting Information.

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Look for ?Profile Directory? in the page.

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Click on ?Open Directory?, and create ??chrome? folder inside, if there isn?t one already.

Inside the ?chrome? folder, create or edit the ?userChrome.css? file and add the following

/* hides the native tabs */#TabsToolbar { visibility: collapse;}Image for post

Now, the top tabs bar should be hidden.

Optionally, hide the titlebar to reclaim some pixels, note that this will hide your window buttons.

#titlebar { visibility: collapse;}

And the sidebar header

#sidebar-header { visibility: collapse !important;}

This is how it looks like, hiding all the above, under Linux.

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This is what I use under Windows, hiding only the TabsToolbar, while keeping the titlebar, and leave some space for the window buttons:

/* hides the native tabs */#TabsToolbar { visibility: collapse;}/* leaves space for the window buttons */#nav-bar { margin-top: -8px; margin-right: 74px; margin-bottom: -4px;}Image for post



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