Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones — Recruiting Marisa

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones — Recruiting Marisa

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Chapter 10 (Revolt at Carcino) in FE: Sacred Stones just took me 3 hours, but I finally have it completed with everyone recruited, all drops taken, and every item stolen. That was such a pain.

Recruiting Marisa means you have to avoid stepping within her range because most of my units could kill her in one turn. This turned into a mad chase because she can only be recruited by Gerik, who needs to be recruited first.

She will start moving north after turn 5. The general idea is that you have to intercept her with Gerik, who needs to be brought over by a Pegasus knight, before she clashes with your main army.

To start, you must have a Pegasus knight in your party. You can use Tana or Vanessa, whoever is at a higher level. Have your Pegasus Knight go south for three turns towards the fort. She should be able to meet up with Innes on the fourth turn. After talking with Innes, have Innes talk with Gerik. Gerik needs to defeat the archer in the area so the Pegasus Knight doesn?t get killed.

On the next turn, have Gerik kill the right-most of the two enemies in the vicinity. Innes should then kill the bandit in the mountains. Have your Pegasus Knight pick up Gerik. In the next turn, Gerik needs to be dropped off one unit outside of Marisa?s range and within her party?s range, in order to attract them.

Once it?s Gerik?s turn again, Marisa should be within range, and have Gerik talk with her. Done! Marisa is relatively weak right now, so you might also need a way to extract her from the mob of enemies. If the Pegasus knight is close by, you can attempt to extract her that way.

Once she is recruited, reinforcements will appear. A group of 5 Pegasus knight will appear to the south-west and 5 or so cavaliers will appear to the south-east. The Pegasus knights will head north towards the fort. Have Innes kill them off. He was able to kill most of them without taking major damage. The cavalier group will head north and you can station your sparkly new Marisa, with Gerik and co. in the middle of the plain to keep them at bay.

That was really difficult to micromanage? but at least I have another Myrmidon now. I?ll come back to this game after I?ve recovered from this?


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