FashionNova Reviews | Is It A Scam? Everything You Want To Know About FashionNova

Today?s shopper has more options than ever to find on-trend clothing and accessories online. With social media feeds advertising unique styles and right it?s hard to choose which site is the best place to get clothing and accessories that are just as affordable as they are fashionable.

One such popular destination for the woman across the globe is Fashion Nova, a brand that promises good service, unbeatable price, and the hottest trend. If few words in Los Angeles, Fashion Nova has grown into a global brand shipping its products all over the globe like Canada, UK, and international customers. If you are considering shopping at the latest brand Fashion Nova clothing you may also be wondering if shoppers are leaving positive or negative reviews.

We will take an in-depth look at FashionNova to help the readers determine whether this brand lives up to the hype. We will also be showing you Fashion Nova reviews from the shoppers and so you can analyses what they felt like after shopping at the clothing store. Also, you can determine whether the brand is truly delivering what its promise to deliver that is the best price, best service, and trends.

Everybody continuously spoke so highly about the online clothing store Fashion Nova. The store went viral by having some of the popular figures promoting their clothes on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Little about what people remember is that when they are ordering from the Fashion Nova they mostly have ended up being scammed.

When you go to the website the clothes look very trendy and appealing with their price also feels affordable thinking it great until you actually order something from them. The true face will appear about the quality of the fabric and its stitching of the cloths.

What the company Fashion Nova is all about?

The company has a very huge collection of clothes to choose from, ranging from everyday items to formal dresses to club wear. Fashion Nova clothing categories include:

  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Jumpsuits and Rompers
  • Matching set
  • Active wear
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Men?s wear
  • Sweater
  • Jackets
  • Plus size wears

The company is popular for its women?s style the site also carries tops, bottoms, and accessories for men. Additionally, Fashion Nova also has a discount on mostly many dresses and it maintains a large sale category for dresses, jeans, tops, swimsuits and more. It also has not forgotten the plus size women?s, so have a large collection and many positive reviews about it.

Presently there are nearly 4,000 Fashion Nova Plus styles to choose from, including dresses, rompers, jeans, jumpsuits, swim costume and more. As an often underserved market, Fashion Nova Plus shoppers can often find a better selection and trendier pieces that what traditional retailers offer. The size includes 1X, 2X and 3X.

Fashion Nova Men?s Fashion

Fashion Nova highly anticipated launch of the new menswear line ended up disappointing quite a number of eager fans who had expected much, more from the brand. Thousands of people took to twitter to rant about their dissatisfaction with the brand men?s wear release, describing it very disappointing and also calling it absolute garbage. They also compared the brand with substandard quality saying that the designs were a level of subpar hey did not at all expect. There are hardly any positive reviews about the men?s wears for the brand.

Fashion Nova Swimwear

Similarly to the rest of the clothing, that of the company swimsuits is bold, colorful and fashion ? forward. Many designs feature a high waist, plunging neckline and cut-out designs making Fashion Nova swimsuit an ideal choice for women who want to make an edgy statement while on the beach or at the pool. The swimwear is available in both one piece and also in two pieces style, including cover-ups, accessories, sunglasses, and sandals. Sizing is available in all that is from XS to XL with many styles also reflected in the Plus sizes.

Fashion Nova Reviews

Shoppers using iTunes have rated the Fashion Nova very highly with over 4000 users giving a total rating of 4.8 stars out of which is very impressive. On Google play the Fashion Nova app has nearly 300 reviews and the overall rating is 3.1 stars out of 5.

While some users have reported that Fashion Nova app is not always efficient at filtering searches and saving the wish list items. The majority of complaints come from the shoppers that are frustrated by the high number of the ads. That causes many users of the Fashion Nova app to experience long load times, frozen screens and general glitches that get in the way of the smooth shopping experience.

There are 698 reviews of the company at Better Business Bureau, giving the site an overall rating of 2.81 stars out of 5. This is very poor. A representative from Fashion Nova responded to BBB to explain that their inventory and shipping processes have been upgraded to enhance the customer experience. Based on the timeline of negative reviews and complaints, however, it seems as though these upgrades are either incomplete or ineffective.

Out of 6,300 reviews at Sitejabber the company gets 4 stars out of 5. The majority of Fashion Nova reviewers are talking about their shopping experience, giving high marks for service, shipping, returns, quality and overall value of clothing. There are many happy reviews where the customer is promising to visit and shop again

  • Responsive Support: What I really like about this brand aside from the quality and cheap clothes is their customer service. They are attending to your needs in a professional manner and do not even take your concerns for granted. Kudos!
  • Fashion Industry: Fashion Nova is clearly on top of the industry right now. The fact that they were able to cater almost everyone from different walks of life is clearly an advantage. A lot of people love this brand because they are versatile and affordable. Great job fashion nova!
  • I should give 0: If I could I should give 0. Let?s just go down the list of reasons why I won?t be buying from Fashion-never-again. #1 it took 3 weeks for my product to arrive. #2 The 20 dollar cardigans I bought had a rip in it and it was made worse, as someone made it in home-etc. #3 one pair of the pants I bought didn?t have the Fashion nova tag on it like all the other products. #4 poor customer services. When I called the 800 number I spoke with someone named Giselle. I told her that my order was wrong and there was a rip in my cardigan. She asks me to take an image and send it to her. I attached the photos with a polite message asking how we can fix this problem. Well, I never heard from this person again. Waste of time and money. I spent 200 dollars. I work hard for my money and I don?t appreciate being taken advantage of. I will never. Ever, shop there again.
  • ?Worst experience ever?: My experience with Fashion Nova has been absolutely horrible. I?m not exactly sure which location store my items are coming from because everything was ordered online. It has been over 72 hours after ordering my products and I have yet to receive a tracking number. Every time I have reached out to see what?s going on with my items, I am being sent the same automated email. I have called twice this week and was told my items were processed and I would get a tracking number at the end of the business day 10/10/18. I have yet to receive it. This is completely unacceptable. You guys had no issue with taking my hard earned money; I should not have to go through this as a customer. I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied.

Rating Summary

  • 5 stars 5,065
  • 4 stars -874
  • 3 stars -79
  • 2 stars -174
  • 1 star -1,779


The common element across in the positive review of Fashion Nova is that

  • The brand has clothing that is affordable and high quality accordingly
  • Delivery is reliable and timely usually for the US-based shopper
  • A wide range of on-trend styles
  • The brand?s discounts and sales are always available

Generally what customers are frustrated about the points are:

  • Not receiving the refunds for expedited shipping that didn?t arrive on time
  • Receiving a refund in the form of a gift card, rather than original payment
  • Missing items in order or receiving incorrect sizes when ordered
  • Difficulty communicating with customer service to resolve the ongoing issue
  • Inability to apply the Fashion Nova discounts

Even without the support of social media influencers and celebrities, Fashion Nova is a strong force in the fashion industry. The site effectively markets to an impressive range of women and all at relatively affordable prices.

Also, there are many positive reviews besides the negative one which openly says that they would return and they loved the prices at Fashion Nova. As far as such returning customers are there all the company can do is look at the customer service and return policy to better the position.

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