Explaining the KawaiiBot Hoax

Explaining the KawaiiBot Hoax

Update: Discord themselves have already confirmed that KawaiiBot is safe, however keep reading, if you?re interested in knowing how this all even started.

Image for postSource: https://twitter.com/discordapp/status/1152002330084036609

About myself

Hello everyone, my name is AlexFlipnote, creator of the bot called KawaiiBot. I want to clarify before I say anything that you should be aware of what permissions you give any bots on Discord when adding them to your server. Ensure that you know what you?re giving the bot and never give it ?Administrator? nor ?Mention Everyone?. Those are one of the major flaws for bugs that can always appear to the best of us.

Anyways, let?s begin.

KawaiiBot is dangerous

No.. the bot is all fine, this all started from a post as shown here:

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I want to clarify first that there is no way any bots, including KawaiiBot, can do anything like stealing your information like email, password, etc. The wording done here is strongly vague, I have personally tried to be in contact with him to clarify the situation, talk in a friendly manner and solve this issue together.

Talking to the author of the hoax

Rather than having a nice and friendly talk, it ended up being that ?I?m wrong, I?m right, I?m just protecting the users!?. I?m glad that people want to protect others, however this is in no way protecting anyone but rather spreading false rumours about an innocent bot on Discord. I will show you screenshots of our conversation from start to finish, you can take it as you desire, but this is how it went, after he was done talking, he resulted in deleting me as friend to not be able to talk further.

Image for postImage for postImage for postImage for post

Nothing has been taken out of context, it has all been captured from start to finish.

What?s this [at]everyone bug?

It?s a small bug where developers like me and my team fail to filter out mentions and accidentally ping [at]everyone. This is not in any way a serious bug, thus being delayed to be fixed by us. Considering that many people feel like ?omg, people are going to hack us, help!!?, we?ll fix this bug as soon as possible. Here?s a screenshot of how such bug would look for context:

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(Not my screenshot, don?t blame me for having white theme, *sob sob*)

So.. that?s it?

Yupp, that is basically everything that lead to all of this spread of KawaiiBot being a bad bot to have in your server, a small bug that is easy to fix, but haven?t been a large priority for us to fix due to being easily avoidable by each server with permissions. It will be fixed whenever I?m back from holiday.


Be aware of what permissions you give any bots, you never know what could happen, like us developers failing to filter mentions of any kind. Never give bots access to ?Mention Everyone? and ?Administrator?, there?s literally no need to give a bot the following permissions, unless you fully trust something and are willing to trust that the bot is 100% flawless.

To everyone reading this, please use 2auth on your account if you want your account secure. Be sure to not click bad links online and always do research before believing something. I hope we all can just let this all pass as a misunderstanding and not hate on KawaiiBot, the original author or any other bots with the same flaws. Let?s just learn to not believe everything we read online.

Thank you for reading, if you want to talk to me, don?t hesitate to join my guild at https://discord.gg/DpxkY3x and hit me up in DMs, they are all open. Just keep in mind that I?m on holiday to Spain, so replies might be delayed.

? AlexFlipnote, Owner of KawaiiBot

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