Enable your ONT’s (Optical Network Terminal) ethernet for internet service with a phone call to your FIOS provider (Verizon & Frontier)

This is a step-by-step DIY instruction guide to replace your service provider?s router with your own (and getting out of MOCA mode, which gives you internet over coaxial cable, and lets you install more set top boxes)?

Warning: Don?t do this is you are getting your television service and programming from Frontier/Verizon, you need the MOCA tech for your set top boxes. This is only for people who only want internet service from Frontier/Verizon Fios service over ethernet from their ONT box.

  1. Connect a Cat6 cable (recommended) from the ethernet connection (out/source) on your Frontier ONT (Optical Network Terminal, box on the outside of your house) to the provided Router (WAN in). You may need some simple tools and a ladder to access and open your ONT box.
  2. Leave the COAX in connected (from the ONT outside to the provided router inside). Connect a new ethernet cable you provided from your ONT box to WAN connection on your router (inside of your home or business).
  3. Yes, you have both connections coming in now for internet service (ethernet and COAX, the way it works is internet can only be provided on one of these at a time, controlled by your ISP) ? do this before you call support and ask for a switch from COAX to ethernet as the internet source.
  4. Call Frontier/Verizon FIOS service and have them make the switch from providing your internet service from the COAX cable to the ethernet out from the ONT into the provided router. Ask for a higher level technician if the operator doesn?t understand the request. State you have already connected a compatible ethernet cable from the ONT to your router for testing.
  5. Once you believe the switch was made (there maybe be an LED light on your ONT that glows if it is providing internet over the ethernet connection)?
  6. Confirm the switch worked by disconnecting the COAX into your native FIOS router and go to step 7?
  7. Does the internet work (can you access it)?
  8. If yes, then now you are getting your internet Service over the ethernet from the ONT outside of your house.

Extra Credit

  1. If you want to use your own router, now is the time to disconnect the ethernet coming from the ONT out of your ISP?s WAN port, and into your new router (set to DHCP) and see if it works w/ the default out of the box SSID and Password.
  2. If you can get on the internet, now you have a better router than the provider can ever give you connected at full speeds.
  3. Route any cabled connections into your new router.
  4. I?d leave the old router with the COAX in, and it?s power source plugged in as back up. If your new router ever breaks, you can use your provided router (using ethernet) to get up and running again.
  5. If you get really bold you can return the old router to your provider and avoid the monthly rental fee!

Side-note: You may need your provider to install the newest ONT box on the side of your home. Just tell them you are ?considering? getting 1000mbps (gigabit speeds)? so you?ll need to be ready for when you make that request.

Cloning MAC addresses and the like: If you get into the weeds, I?m no network guru ? nor am I responsible if you break something. I?d suggest calling your provider and having a tech, or a buddy that knows networking to come help you out if you can?t get this to work (or have them on stand-by with some beer and pizza while you get this done). Sometimes ?releasing the IP or lease? from your old router helps the new router get provisioned. You can do that be logging into your old router and making that happen.


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