Economy vs Compact Rental Car: which should you book from the best car rental company

Economy vs Compact Rental Car: which should you book from the best car rental company

When you are planning on a trip with your family, the first thing that springs up to our mind is how to travel. While you may go to the best car rental company, one major part that most people miss out on is whether an Economy car Rental would be favorable or a compact car would be needed. To solve this dilemma, one must particularly know about the difference between the two car rentals and under what circumstances are they needed. In this blog, we will discuss the same.

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Economy Car Rental vs Compact Car Rental: Basic difference

The basic difference between an economy car and a compact car is the general size of the vehicle. You may have noticed that the rent of both the vehicles is quite affordable and they provide the same level of fuel efficiency, but the only difference here is that the economy cars are slightly smaller when compared to the compact cars.

Which car should you choose?

Compact cars provide a bit more of boot space, luggage space, and can carry more amounts of people in it. Compact cars are also preferred when one has to go on a long drive like out of the city or somewhere remote, where the roads become a bit rough. Therefore, you should choose the right car for you depending upon the distance, location, and a number of passengers.

Specific differences between Economy Cars and Compact cars

  • Economy cars are smaller vehicles better suited for driving around the town. As the name suggests, these cars are more on the economic side, ideal for small families or couples. Compact cars, on the other hand, that are larger vehicles, are best for small families in the city and for short trips.
  • Economy cars usually have 2 doors although if you wish you can rent a vehicle with 4 doors as well. Compact cars have 4 doors as well as a spacious trunk.
  • In economy cars, there is enough space for 4 people whereas, in compact cars, 1?5 adults can sit comfortably with adolescent children.
  • Economy cars provide a luggage capacity that can accommodate various small bags or a mini-suitcase and smaller bags while a Compact car with 12?14 cubic feet of luggage space has enough room for one large suitcase, one medium suitcase, and various smaller bags.

Thus, you can choose either an Economy Car Rental or a Compact Car Rental from the best car rental company depending upon your needs and after taking into consideration the points mentioned above.

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