Drug dealing: 101

Drug dealing: 101

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Let?s make this clear up front, should you deal? No. Is it easy money? No. Is it worth the risks? No. Will you get caught? Most likely. The following in no ways claims to change any of that or should in any way encourage you to think its a good idea. And if you are already dealing it should make you reconsider somethings.

Butnowthatwasstated, this is basically a guide on the best practices to follow to minimize the risks. Some of these I learned the hard way and some I learned from extensive research. Publishing this is to help you stay safe and hopefully not learn the hard way. It?s a lot more work then most are willing to follow, but if your freedom and safety are important to you then it?s worth the time and effort.

Getting started


Surprise! Cash is important to have before you even start. Like the saying goes cost money to make money. And you will need to have enough to build up you stash and acquire the following things in this post.

The only way to really make money is to buy in bulk. The bigger amounts you buy the cheaper you get the product for allowing you to make more of a profit. Also it?s important to have enough product on hand. Nothing is worse than to lose a sale or a customer because you don?t have enough or any product. So make sure you have enough and reload before you need to.

A lawyer

This is something that is always over looked but is important to have. Given enough time, you will get caught and the only thing you should EVER say to the cops in any situation is ?lawyer?.

Of course you can possibly qualify for a free lawyer, it is better though to find a lawyer who specializes in drug trafficking. Most offer a free consultation and will give you a emergency number to contact them if needed.

If freedom is important to you this is a very critical step. Trying to find a lawyer to better suit your needs after your locked up isn?t easy. So do your research first.

Be prepared and have this number on hand in your wallet/purse. Never be without it. And don?t store it in your phone unless it?s on the lock screen. You don?t want to have to unlock your phone while your in the cops custody as they will now have access to your phone. Which brings up the next category.

A burner phone

One of the positive things that came out with the Snowden Reports is that burner phones are hard for the even NSA to track.

You will need to start off with a new phone and a new account with one of the pays as you go services in your area. Important things to look for is a service that you can purchase minutes/credits/account with no registration.

You will have to buy unlocked phone out right. And you might be surprised at how expensive phones are without contact. But buying a fresh phone is important because you want one that has no heat tied to it already or tied to you in anyway. Luckily there are Chinese manufacturers selling pretty decent android phones for $100?$200.

?But I can get this iPhone for $60 from this guy?. The only reason your getting a used phone for that cheap is because they want to get rid of it because of the heat already attached to it, it?s stolen is and is registered as such again adding heat to the phone, straight up broken, and sometimes all of the above. Also you need to trust that this person didn?t put in remote access to this device or anything like like that which is pretty easy to do and no factory resets don?t fix this.

Couple more quick tips, change your sim card every couple months. And no don?t transfer your number and credits over as that defeats the purpose as it links your accounts together. So keep that in mind when buying credits not to purchase a 6 months worth. Also change up you phones. This you can get away with doing lessoften. But it?s always a good idea to start completely fresh every now then and again as your it?s very possible for your phone itself to be tracked.

I am working on a post about securing your phone, apps to use to protect your identity, and a break down of everything you should do and follow to keep your phone private and safe.

Hidden stash

Of course one problem with buying in bulk is it makes you a target to get robbed but is also hard to claim is for personal use and not for trafficking.

You would think a safe would be the best place, but it will be the first place people are going to go for. And unless it?s extremely secured down will just be taken.

The best practice is to have a off site place to keep your stash. But obviously isn?t easy thing to do. So your next best bet it to hide it in plain sight. Just google ?hidden stash? to find many products and DYI projects to hide your stuff in plain site. Remember if the cops have a warrant no matter where it?s hidden, it will be found. This is only to protect you from losing it all in the case your place gets rolled.

Keep your drugs and money stashed in different places. In general it is good to not keep much cash on hand. A large stack a cash being beside a stash of drugs is enough evidence alone that points to you selling.

A hidden stash container like a fake drink is good to have for deliveries. It?s a good place to keep your drugs and money from sales while you?re on the road.

A new you

Time for a rebirth. Pick a new name. You can find random identity creators online and is as good start. Your new persona should in no way be attached to you and should sound legit. Not Druggy MC DrugDealer. So stick with real names.

Create a whole new life for this persona. Make a new birthday, new age, new passwords, new everything. You want this new persona completely unlinked to the real you.

This comes back to your burner phone. Never do anything from your real identity on this phone. And that means logging into any accounts like Facebook or anything on this phone. Start fresh. This phone is your new persona?s. And just like your phone, burn your persona. Change it up. A good rule of thumb is to change your persona completely every time you change your phone. New phone a new person. Again keep your new persona separate from your old one. Making it harder add harder to track it back to the real you.

Knowledge of your product(s)

This seems like a no brainer but is an extremely important step. You must know your product and personally use it in all the ways possible to use.

With that said, shooting up is never something I recommend someone should ever do as it is the most addictive and dangerous way to do drugs. But it is the easiest way to know the purity and quality. So if you don?t do it keep it that way but then I would try and find someone you trust who does it and offering them free product to try it and give you feedback on it. But it?s say it over more, do not start if you aren?t already and if you do quit. It consumes your life and really is how people lose themselves. But I?ll save this for another post.

It is however important to know your drugs as your customers will. You can?t sell something as amazing if you don?t know what amazing really is. And you will find very quickly that every dealers only sells the best shit. Mostly they are just straight up lying, but you won?t be able to know yourself unless you have as good baseline on why good is.

Try many different sources. Get a feel to what the products in your area are like. Good rule is to never be impressed about someone else?s product. Don?t be rude but lot of the dealers hold back there good stuff for people who know better as there is usually less profit in selling the better stuff, more so to someone who doesn?t know any better.

Find a reliably source and start off buying slow. Most dealers will be scared away if you ask for a huge amount up front. So work up a relationship with this person. This also allows you to test they?re reliability and the consistency of there product. Also make sure your getting the amount your paying for. That way you can trust and see if they are trying to cheat you or just out right eyeballing it. You be surprised at the number of dealers who don?t own scales.

Testing the product is also a good thing to do if your new to the product. Also in general is a smart idea because even if you believe you knowwhatsgood, you probably don?t. Most drugs have purity tests. At the very least have kits for testing for specific cuts. This is a strong recommendation at the very least to give you a good baseline of the product.

Own a reliable scale(s)

Last but not least, have a great and reliably scales. I would strongly recommend one that goes to the 10th if a gram. You absolutely don?t want to sell something that is off and also do not want to accuse someone for shorting you if they didn?t. You can find cheap scales online but if you choose to not go that route then don?t cheap out. Get calibrating weights and test your scale regularly. As example I knew the exact weight of my container that I would weigh the product in so I would know immediately if something was off. A good scale you should almost never have to be recalibrate but is a good thing to do every once and a while and sometimes when you first get it as they can get messed up in shipping. Also make sure your weights are certified. Cheap weights can be off and will cause more problems then no. Don?t forget to always keep fresh batteries on hand as dying batteries are usually the cause of your scale being off and being stuck without a scales is I place you don?t want to be in. Keep a backup scale also is important for that reason.

Limiting your Risks

Now that you got a taste of the basics the following is a break down of some tips to help limit your risks. Both from getting charged and keeping yourself safe.

Never carry more then you need

Don?t drive around or walk around with yours whole stash/cash. Not only is it easier to get rolled for but also harder to claim it is just for personal use if you get caught. It may seem like a hassle and cost you more in gas and time but it?s the best way to do it.

Never carry a scale on you

Again like above makes it hard for you to claim personal use if your walking around with a scale. If the people who are buying want to weight it then they should have a scale. Make sure you knew the exact weight and carry something you know the exact weight of. A coin can work but keep it the same coin because depending on the wear on it will change its weight. Write the weight on it so they can see the weight before hand. This way if they?re scale is off you can test it.

Never sell from your home

Letting anyone you know where you live is going to turn out bad for you. Not only will this set you up to get robbed but you will have people coming over randomly wanting hookups. And if your not there or say no will cause a big sceneandalotoftrouble. Also your neighbours will figure out fast what is going on when people keep coming and going from your place all day and night. Chances are high you will be reported. So unless you plan on moving often do not ever let anyone know where you live.

Never sell out of your vehicle

Similar to the last one you don?t want your vehicle tied to you. Neighbor?s of who your selling to probably already know whats up and might themselves might be keeping track of the people coming and leaving from that house to report. So park down the street and walk. Also don?t park down the same street everytime. Keep switching it up. Keep and eye on if someone is following you back to your ride. Walk the wrong way if you suspect anything till you know is clear.

Buy a bug detector

Sounds a bit extreme but it?s cheap and can literally save you. It?s one of this thing you don?t need until the one time you do. You can find some online as cheap as $15. You can also find some for $300+. The one a can recommend is theCC308+. It is kind of cheap but she?s work as advertised. I was lucky enough not to ever really need it but used to check my vehicles periodically to make sure there is no trackers on it. This how ever doesn?t work with passive recorders, and only one that send out any kind of a signal. But in general the ones used will send a signal unless who ever is trying to track you or record you knows you have a detector. It has a also I way for you to identify camera lenses which is nice but is really impartial for on the spot checking. A nice feature is it can be set to vibrate instead of beep allowing you to keep it in your pocket. Of course the signal can just be from the wifi or someones phone. Maybe even a microwave. But play around with it. Learn how it works in your house so you get a better understanding of it. If you really want to be protective or just feeling like somethings but right ask to quickly scan the person you dealing with. Tell them to leave take there phone out of there pocket and quickly go over them. To make it less awkward you can offer to check there room/place or somewhere they might be worried about themselves. Most people find it cool and will interested in it. But do not over use constantly. It?s just nice to have and for $15 can?t go wrong.

Break one law at time

If your driving do not drink. Do not speed. Don?t drive a stolen vehicle or your friends as you don?t know if it?s been flagged already. Don?t drive a vehicle that about to break down. Basically blend in. Don?t give the cops reason to even look at you or any reason to search your vehicle/pull you over.

Be sober when working

This is usual there hardest thing to do since most dealers are doing it to support there habit. But don?t be messed up or drunk. You will put you in bad situations and places you normal would not. You judgement will be out of whack or not even there. Also being drunk or stone again is giving the cops reason to search you/pull you over. It?s not worth the risks and the situations you will put yourself into. That kind of confidence is a bad thing. Also you will let things slide or not count your money, etc. You will wake up the next day with no product and no money and no idea where it went. If your lucky. There is a reason every regular jobs will fire you for showing up drunk or high. They are not trying to harsh you buzz, its because your useless idiot when your high and drunk.

Set up some ground rules before hand

Set guidelines up front before the deal goes down and stick to them. As an example I didn?t take trades, if they short any amount I would walk, I am dealing with you not your friends so if you have people over keep them in a different room or meet me somewhere near by, and so on. And make it clear you will walk and never come back again if they break said rules. Make sure this is clear before you meet.

Never deal alone*

It?s a bad idea to let anyone know you deal and there is really not enough to split the profits. But you should always make it seem like you have a partner with you. As example tell them before hand that you will come in and check out the cash, then if everything looks good you will go back out to you partner to grab the product. Don?t let them think your carrying it on you as it just setting you up to be rolled. The idea that you have someone else covering your back whom they don?t know or see will also help curb any stupid ideas they may be thinking of doing.

Never trust anyone

People how use and abuse drugs also use and abuse everyone in there life. And most of them are really good at lying or claiming they are different. They are not. Do not date, our become friends with any of your customers or anyone who knows what you do. Keep this persona completely separate from you regular life. Never cross it over. Not only will these people sell you out but can turn on you in a second and will. It?s only a matter of time. Most of the time, the quickest way for the cops getting into you is from someone you trusted. Either because they rat you just to get back at you or cause they get caught and think it will save them by giving you up. So keep your fake persona strong and never trust anyone. Ever.

Do not loan or cuff anyone

If you loan out product or cash you have to be fine with never getting it back, because you won?t. You will also lose this person as a customer if you do. I used to start off with giving smaller amounts with regulars to build up that trust but as soon as they acquire any kind of debt they run. Your not the first or the last person they will do to. They know you have real no recourse and also themselves won?t own anything of value so your stuck. Your best option at this point is to cut your loses and walk away.

Do not trust the services you use

Everything you say and do over, text, messengers, chat clients are being watched an monitored. Most company?s in most country?s are required by law to keep and hold onto records of everything you do on your there services for 6+ months. Some like Facebook keep records of everything indefinitely. Deleting it only deletes you from seeing it. And most of these company?s will work closely with police and hand over your stuff with little or no warrant. Some companies do make sure cops have to go through the proper legal process and some will even warn you if such requests for you information come through. But these kind of companies are rare. Personally Wickr Messengers was the one I stood behind. So much so I gave away free product to get people to create a account with. I will explain this more in detail in a future post about keeping yourself private and anonymous..or at least the best can. But if you want to learn a bit more a good resource is the E.F.F. score card to secure messaging which you can find here.

Never talk to the cops

I knew I covered this already little but it?s important for you to understand. They are never on your side and no you won?t get a better deal if you talk. Cops are literally trained to lie to you. They will say or do anything to make you talk. They will try to mess with your emotions and get inside you because someone who is angry, sad, etc is more likely to slip up. Do not play there games. Do not say anything but ?lawyer?. It turns out that the majority of the time even if you were caught red handed that they don?t have enough to take you to trial. Almost everyone who is ever charged is because they gave themselves up. And if you say anything the chances of you giving yourself up are high. Don?tactalltoughandsayyouwon?ttalkbecausetheycanmakeanyonecrack. Even if your innocent. To this day there are still many stories of people spending there life in prison when being innocent because cops were able to make them ?confess?. They can and will make you slip up and tell you everything will be okay. It won?t. Also to be clear you will not get a deal for ratting someone else out you are just giving them proof to convict you. Do not give the cops anything ever. Even if your the innocent one. Just be quiet.

Never let a cop into your place

If the cops do show up to your house never answer the door. Having a video door bell is good idea so you can talk to them through the door. A cheaper alternative is a chain lock so you can open it partially but not let them in. Once they are in its easy for them to claim they saw something and give them probably cause for searching your place. If they say they have a warrant check it. Make sure you read it closely and look for mistakes like wrong date or misspelling of your address. Also look at the limitation of the warrant. Every warrant doesn?t grant them unlimited access. Of coarse some do but some are for limited searchesonly. Example if they have a warrant for your house it may not include your vehicle. So look at it closely. But do it fast because if they do have a legitimate warrant they will come in if you like it or not. Try to take note of everything they do as if they break the limitation of the warrant or over step there bounds this can be used to throw out the whole search in court. Don?t argue with the cops, it will not help you. And don?t admit or say anything. Don?t pretend you never seen that before or anything like that. Stay quiet. Wait to let your lawyer and talk over it with them.

Never carry or own illegal weapon

This of course greatly varies to what is considered an illegal weapon by the place you live. So do the research. Raiding a house for suspecting trafficking isn?t easy. It takes time and building of evidence before before they can get a warrant to bust your door in. But having illegal weapons are much easier and need less evidence to raid a house over since it causes an immediate threat to peoples safety. By carrying or owning weapons will just opens up the door for the cops raiding you. Every single person that I knew or met who got there house raided all had illegal weapons. A kitchen knife works just as good as a switch blade anyways.

Stay low key and ?small?

Don?t make a name for yourself. Not only will it put you in the sights of other dealers who you might be stepping on there territory but will also make you known to the cops. Make everyone you sell to think you just do it for a couple friends and always sell yourself short. Changing persona regularly helps with that so that people can?t talk about youaseveryonewillbetakingsomeotherperson. Keep yourself small, no matter how big you get.

Keep reasonably doubt

Have legal and legitimate reasons for everything you have. Example don?t use thoselabeled baggies you usual see drugs sold in. There is no legitimate reasons for having a stash of new ones in your house. Instead use clear baggies and buy ones in multi packs and different sizes. And use them around your house to keep cables in, change in, etc. Same goes with your scale. Keep it your kitchen, maybe coffee grounds on it and by your coffee machine. Many people have scales in there kitchen. Do this for everything you have. Figure out a legitimate reason for everything before you bring it in to your house. Capture some photos with them in it also. All you need to win or prevent a case to go to trial is enough reasonably doubt. This is extremely important. But again explain it to your lawyer, not the cops.

Last but not least, trust your gut

If you have any feeling or sense of something not right. Leave. Don?t wait. Go. Of course many of the situations you get into in this life style are going to feel little shady. More so with dealing with new customers as they usual have some of the same fears you do. But don?t just ignore it. Sometimes you may feel stuck or just don?t want/afford to lose a customer but you have to be able to walk away.


Seems like a lot to follow? And most people won?t and don?t follow anything posted here. But if you think this is to much or over kill, it is not. If your safety and staying out of prison are important to you this is just some of the things you should follow to help keep it that way.

Am I crazy/paranoid? No, not even the slightest. Well okay, probably a little crazy. But everything in here is the bare minimum I would follow. I always had another regular life that was important for me to keep, and this is what I did to keep it that way. I knew I wasn?t on any cops radar as I kept pretty low key. But I am someone who always plans for the worst and the worst case scenario here is as bad as it gets. I wanted to keep a clean record, wanted to stay I alive, and keep my freedom. I also wanted to make sure to keep my family away from any of this. And I was lucky enough to do that. Because no matter what you?re prepared for luck if the only real thing you have when dealing with these high risk situation.

So should you start dealing? And will following this allow you to get away with it? No. This is just to help you limited your risks. As you can see it takes a lot work and preparing with no guarantees. And if you take in account all the costs, which I?d say majority of all dealers do not, you?ll find out quickly your making almost nothing for all this risk. You literally be better off working working a minimum wage job.

But with that said, there are many of these topics I?ll break down to there own posts as this one is already overwhelming long so be sure to follow me to keep up to date when they get posted and if you have any question, ideas, topics you like my to cover in future post, or to just to tell me I?m insane feel free to post them in the comment below and I?ll try to reply to them as best as I can.

Stay safe and keep educated!


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