Dosh Review: Is It legit Or A Scam?

Dosh Review: Is It legit Or A Scam?

Dosh is a cash back app that gives you money back at select stores and retailers every time you shop with your linked debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). Founded in 2016 by Ryan Wuerch and Ed Mock, the app has paid out over $25 million to 3 million users. In this review I will go over everything you need to know about the Dosh app and how you can make $5 for simply downloading it on your phone. I wrote this to help educate the market about this up and coming app and to help people earn money and more importantly save money!

Image for postMy $5 bonus for linking my credit card to the account.

How To Use Dosh

Dosh is super user friendly and very easy to install. Just visit the app store on your iPhone or Android and download the app. If you use my link here you?ll get a $5 bonus just for linking your card to the platform. Before you say, hey that sounds like a scam, I looked into Dosh and they are super secure and they don?t even sell your information to third party users like so many other apps and social media sites do. I will dive into more detail on just how secure the platform is a little bit later.

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The Dosh app has been only around for a short period of time but they are moving faster than any of the other cashback apps out there such as Ebates, Ibotta, or Swagbucks. Where most of these platforms make you jump through hoops to get your cash back, the Dosh app has a ?set it and forget it? feel to it. Meaning once your card or cards are linked to the app every time you make a purchase at one of the supported stores your account will be credited. You won?t ever have to use a promo code, coupons, scan your receipt, or log into the app prior to your purchase.

Each time you use your linked credit card at a qualified merchant, Dosh will automatically calculate how much you should get back and add it to your ?Dosh wallet?. Once your Dosh wallet reaches $25 or more you can transfer your money via direct deposit or by PayPal. There are many great places to eat, gas stations, retail stores, and popular online stores on the app so reaching the $25 threshold is very achievable if you like to shop. Even if you aren?t a frequent shopper than are many merchants that offer a substantial amount of cash back, some over 20% back.

Image for postI was able to transfer $25 to my PayPal account with no problems.

The Dosh app is currently only available to use in the United States, but with their continuing growth I think it will expanded further in the near future. The user must be 18 years old or older.

Is The Dosh App Safe?

The Dosh app is extremely safe, and they take multiple steps to ensure your safety is their top priority. Dosh?s first safety feature is SSL Encryption, which means that all data passed between their web server and browsers remain private and protected. The next layer of security is the Data Safeguard, which ensures that none of your banking or credit card information is stored on their app. In fact all credit card information is tokenized and vaulted using a PayPal service called Braintree. Another safety feature and security protection is that Dosh does not sell any of your personal information to third parties. They make their money by the fees they charge merchants to be on their app, not your information. The last security metric Dosh uses to ensure your safety is a multi-factor/ two factor authentication to make sure unauthorized access is not granted. I am quite confident that Dosh is safe based off the security steps they have taken mentioned above.

Image for postDosh security features.

Dosh BBB Rating

For my benefit and yours I did some further investigation just to see if Dosh was safe. I went to the Better Business Bureau website and looked up ?Dosh Holding, Inc?, their official name and saw they had an A- rating since 11/1/2017 their launch date. If you didn?t know, ?scams? do not have this high of a rating.

Dosh Referral

Now I?ve mentioned quite a few times on how you can earn money via cash back at stores, you can also make money by referring people to Dosh. When you sign up, you?re automatically enrolled to their affiliate program where you will get your own unique referral link. You can share the link with your friends, family, and or on your social media pages so others can reap the benefits as well. The best part is for each Dosh referral that links their credit card to the app, you?ll get a $5 bonus.

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Your unique referral link will promote the user to the Dosh app download page where they can install and link their card in a matter of 5 minutes. Once the app is installed they will have to fill out their basic information such as name, birth date, email, cell phone number, and then link their card. Once they complete these easy steps you will get your Dosh referral bonus of $5, sometimes it?s as high as $10 depending on the promotion they are running at the time. The referral program has no limits, so you can refer as many people as you can think of, but it isn?t required to make money.

Image for postYou?ll get an email each time you refer someone new to the platform who links a credit card. This month?s promotion was $10 per referral.

Dosh Cash Out

As previously mentioned once you hit $25 in your Dosh wallet you can transfer the money to PayPal or your bank account no questions asked. As long as people keep shopping and using the app, Dosh will continue rewarding you for shopping as you normally do. They make money by the fees they charge each business on the app, so the money you earn in your account is for you to keep. The $5 you make per referral is a pretty cheap price to pay for getting a potential lifetime user to the platform.

Dosh Wallet

The Dosh wallet can be found at the top right of the app. This is where you will see your current balance and once you link your credit card you?ll see your $5 bonus almost instantly. As you start shopping at verified Dosh stores your ?wallet? will continue to grow due to the cash back and any referrals you may have. Once you click on the Dosh wallet you can see your current balance, your recent activity and this is also were you can request a transfer to your bank account ($25 minimum). You can also donate your earnings to charity via the Dosh wallet if you prefer.

Image for postMy current wallet balance.

Dosh Stores

Dosh has a great mix of popular online stores as well as in-store offers to collect cash back from. Some of the most popular include Walmart (6%), Nike (4.5%), Macy?s online (2.25%), Target online (1.25%), restaurants (bars, pizzerias, IHOP 1%-5% cash back), convenience stores (CVS 1%), and even gas stations (Exxon mobile 1%). With thousands of stores on the app, if you?re a frequent shopper, you?ll earn money back fast! The best part is that some credit cards like American Express offer 1% cash back on every purchase already so you?ll be making double cash back. It?s like finding free money again and again.

Image for postHere are some of the stores on the platform.

Dosh Scam

Based on my research I do not believe Dosh is a scam. At the simplest form they are a cash back app, backed by investors, which give a small referral payment for people bringing in new business. Most of the world?s biggest businesses have some sort of refer a friend affiliate program. Two examples are Amazon and Walmart. Another thing to note is that Dosh just raised an additional $44 million in a series A funding from PayPal and Goodwater capital, that?s some series money raised in a short period of time. This tells me big investors have faith in the app, and with that money they raised they can pay people a referral commission to growth their user base. The only thing I?ve seen that might make you think the platform is a scam, is the way some people go about promoting the business. They will take their referral link and just make it their Facebook or twitter status without providing any information or value.

Is Dosh A Pyramid Scam

No. However, calling companies that offer a referral program a pyramid scam seems to be the latest trend these days. Dosh is not one of those scams and in fact you never have to refer a single person to make money with the app. The referral program is just an added bonus, if you are using the app and are getting cash back consistently you have the opportunity to tell others and make a little money doing it as well. That is just smart marketing in my opinion.

Dosh App Customer Service

The Dosh team has a great customer service staff. Again I looked at some of the complaints on their official BBB website and saw people making comments. If you didn?t receive the cash back you deserved or are having a hard time removing the app (not sure why you would do that), you can create a ticket with their team and they will respond in a first come first serve basis. In most cases they will be able to pull up your account and credit your account with the right amount of funds. With so many users it might take a few days to hear back, but be patient. Another common complaint I see is that people aren?t receiving their referral bonus. If you are having this problem, make sure you verify with your friend and see if they downloaded using your referral code and if they linked a credit card to the account. This seems to be the most common problem, people forgetting to link their card. If you experience a problem with your Dosh account just make sure to reach out to their customer service department and respond to any follow up emails they send back.

Image for postCustomer service response on the BBB website.

Dosh Sign Up Bonus

Just to restate you will receive a $5 Dosh sign up bonus once you download the app and link a credit card to the account. At the time of writing this you can only link a bank issued Visa, MasterCard, or American express card. Prepaid cards and Discover cards unfortunately are not available at this time.

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Dosh vs Ebates

Ebates and Dosh are very similar apps as they both give you cash back by linking a credit card to the platform. The most notable store on Dosh is Walmart, and the most notable store on Ebates is Amazon. Dosh gives you 6% cashback at Walmart up to $10 per trip and Ebates gives you 5% cashback on Amazon (for the time being). Although both apps are similar they are also both different because of the offers and stores available. Dosh has the more relaxed set it and forget mentality, which means when you shop with your linked credit card you will automatically get the rewards. While Ebates is the large app for now but if you make an online purchase you have to sign into the account and click the respected store on their platform first. That way they can track your order. If you want to buy something in-store using Ebates you would have to sign into the app and link your card to that merchant. Now, it is easy but it?s just another step that you have to take in order to get your cash back, which might be a hassle to remember sometimes.

Ebates was created in 1998, and is the larger cash back platform of the two. In fact Ebates has over 10 million users and has paid out over $800 million dollars since inception. Ebates even offers $10 for signing up and linking a card and you?ll make $25 per referral. Although this is a higher amount, to receive it the person you referred has to make a $25 or more purchase at one of the retailers listed on the platform. But if you are a frequent shopper and you don?t mind the extra step by signing into your Ebates account prior to making an online purchase, then this app might be for you. In fact download both of them and you can earn even more cash back and get free money! That?s right, download Dosh and earn $5 once you link your card and download Ebates and get $10 once you link your card and make a qualifying purchase!

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If you are interested in downloading Ebates as well as Dosh, I recommend you also install the Ebates Google Chrome extension. This extension is free to download and when you shop online from your computer the extension will let you know if they have an Ebates offer. If they do at the top right of the page there will be a red ?Activate x% Cash Back?. The percent will change depending on the store so the ?x? represents whatever amount that would be, just to clarify.


I hope you found my Dosh review informational and educational. This is a great app to use daily to save money while you shop and to even make a few extra dollars by sharing it with friends and family. If you are just learning about the app or have been using Dosh for a while let us know how you feel about it down below. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns be sure to leave a comment below and we?ll be sure to address your issues to the best of our ability. Just as a reminder, below are the links you can use to download both Dosh and Ebates and earn your free money.

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Dosh link:

Ebates link:

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Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, we will earn a commission if you click through and download the app.


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