Don’t Call Wynne a Female Rapper. Just Call Her a Rapper.

Don’t Call Wynne a Female Rapper. Just Call Her a Rapper.

You might not know who she is yet, but you will.

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Sina Holwerda, better known by her stage name ?Wynne? is a 22-year-old rapper hailing from Portland, Oregon. You might remember her sliding quickly across your timelines in 2018 after some of the lines from her performance in a local rap show went viral (video below). The lines:

It?s hailing in Portland

I guess I?m the daughter of Shady

prompted Twitter to do what Twitter does ? take things out of context and run with it. She reached out on social media to set the record straight that she is, in fact, not Eminems daughter and the story fizzled out from there.

The cypher, which I have watched roughly 4,000 times is a perfect intro to the music that she would soon be releasing. Her ability to intertwine complicated wordplay into her effortless flow, which she is liable to switch at a moment?s notice harks back to artists many years her senior. Eminem being one of the first that comes to mind. The line

Young lady your innocence is shrinking

so when I say ?Fuck? on the mic I lift my pinky

gives us a glimpse into the attitude of someone hungry to make a name for themselves not as a female rapper, but just as a rapper and who has heard the line ?you?re pretty good at rapping for a girl? one too many times.

While she can sit back and comfortably glide across any beat tossed in front of her, she can also put her flow into hyperdrive and make you wonder if Tech N9ne just inhaled a helium balloon. Her song Buzzer clocks in at two minutes and two seconds and takes you through the wringer of high-speed lines that are perfectly blended with smoother, toned down sections.

Her most recent release Ego Check (video below) featuring established Atlanta rapper and budding superstar JID proves that even though she is not fully on the radar of listeners yet, she is already garnering the admiration of respected rappers. She is well on her way to being an absolute problem for any other newcomer fighting for the attention of music fans and their streams.


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