Dog Clippers VS Human Clippers

Dog Clippers VS Human Clippers

Can i use human clippers on a dog ?

If you have thought about using your hair trimmer for the dog?s shaving of fur then you are no different than most of the pet owners. Human hair clippers and dog hair clippers are devices which look way too similar to be used interchangeably. And therefore, it is justified for one to think of using the same on their pets too. But is it safe? Is it okay to use the human clippers on pets? What is the difference between the two? Well, we have got you covered by comparing the features of both! Here We will take two of hot selling pet and human clippers from Wahl as an example.

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Features of Dog Clippers Vs Human Clippers

Before you set out on using the human clippers on your puppy, here are the few differences between human clippers and dog clippers that you must know of!

  • Power of the motor

Human clippers are made especially for humans shaving of hair and have a powerful and durable motor that instantly trims the hair while dog grooming clippers have a much lighter motor used for the best use on pets. As pets tend to get scared of the noise and a powerful motor can be actually harsh on their skin leading to the skin being cut, the human clippers are actually not suitable for the dogs.

  • Blades

The human clipper?s kit comes with blades which are efficient in chopping the hair off. These blades easily cut off any length of hair. But the pet fur is not hair and it might not be possible for the human clippers to chop pet fur as effectively as it chops human hair. Therefore dog clipper is the ideal thing to choose because these have blades which cut down the pet fur easily.

  • Length of the cuts

Human clippers are mostly used by men to shave their beard or to removes body hair which requires a good finish. And therefore, the brushes are not too distant from the blades which when used on a pet can cause serious cuts. Dog clippers are specially designed to suit the length cuts which are suitable for pets and are therefore safe to use on them with no potential bruises being caused.

  • Kits with the clippers

When you purchase dog clipper kit you are provided with a special brush which works in combing of pet fur easily. While the human clippers come with kits which have combs that are more suitable to be used on humans. In any case, if one chooses to use human clippers on dogs they mind have to still invest on brushes specifically meant for dog fur combing.

Final Conclusion

While the use of human clippers and dog clippers are the same, both differ in a lot of aspects. The human clippers are not suitable to be used on dogs for reasons:

  1. The motor of the human clippers, its blades and power are too high for the dogs to bear.
  2. The pet might get scared of the human clippers.
  3. They can hurt the pet severely.

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