Do You Ejaculate Like a Fountain or in a Tidy Puddle?

Do You Ejaculate Like a Fountain or in a Tidy Puddle?

However you come, I?m happy as long as you are.

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Ejaculation in my line of work can be a messy affair, especially when said ejaculation occurs by way of my hand.

A man orgasms, and his semen shoots into the air. Sometimes he ejaculates so intensely that his sperm hits my breasts or my face.

Sometimes his jizz spurts away from his body onto the carpeting or to the floor. Sometimes a man shoots so far as to hit the wall behind the headboard.

Ejaculation can be messy indeed ? but it?s a happy mess.

I?ve found in my line of work that no two men ejaculate the same way.

Some men spurt in a projectile and others emit a mere dribble.

Both are valid, and both can happen with the same man, but under different conditions.

The intense spurting ejaculation.

If a man hasn?t ejaculated in a while, often he will do so quite intensely. He creates a fountain with his penis, ropes of his gism lurching into the air.

A man often comes like that when I?ve spent the entire hour turning him on. He?s been on the point of coming many times during our session. At the end, he orgasms intensely, and so his ejaculation is also intense.

When this happens, sometimes a man gives himself what I call the ?auto-money shot.? When he ejaculates, his sperm flies so far as to hit his own face.

The more turned-on a man is, the more intense his ejaculation and the farther it projects.

Typically, at least. There are situations where a man can be so turned-on, he emits just a dribble.

The dribble ejaculation.

A dribble ejaculation often occurs when a man is so aroused at the start of our session that he gets undressed, he gets into bed with me, I touch his penis, and then suddenly whoops.

A little bit of sperm comes out of his penis.

He?s so aroused that all I have to do is touch his penis and he comes. If he?s lucky, he can stem that ejaculation so that just a dribble comes out.

Hopefully his orgasm hasn?t tipped over the edge.

Men sometimes experience a dribble ejaculation at the beginning of a fetish session, when I tie a piece of string around a man?s penis and testicles.

This forces blood into his penis and typically makes it very engorged. As a result, his penis becomes very hard. Sometimes too hard.

A man becomes so excited by the immediate hardening of his penis that he comes a little.

Hopefully, for both of us, it?s just a dribble that he can stop. He?s paid for an entire hour, so it?s not fair to him to have to stop because he?s already come.

It?s not that I only allow a man to come once during a session. It?s just that a lot of men can only come once. It takes too long for them to regain an erection after they?ve come, and we usually only have an hour together.

Multiple ejaculations.

But for other men, it is possible to come two, three, or four times in a session.

I have clients who specifically request this.

And then of course a man?s ejaculation becomes less intense with each orgasm.

That?s fine by me, because an orgasm is an orgasm. As long as he feels good, I?m happy.

Have a towel on hand to catch the ejaculate.

If a man is lying down when I give him a handjob or if he finishes himself by masturbating, his semen sometimes spurts as far as his shoulders.

Sometimes, his sperm shoots even farther. It shoots away from his body onto the carpeting or the bed.

For this reason, when I give handjobs, I always have a towel on hand. I literally hold a small hand towel over a man?s penis, not touching it, but close enough to capture the spunk if it happens to fly everywhere.

I don?t care if a man gives himself an auto-money shot, squirting onto his own face.

I do care when his sperm gets on my furniture.

The tidy puddle ejaculation.

Lucky for me, there are a few men who do come in what I call a tidy fashion. They don?t shoot everywhere, but ejaculate in a nice puddle right below their belly buttons.

There?s never a mess with those guys.

Ejaculation goes neatly into a tissue.

I even had a client who used to masturbate using a tissue. He basically placed a tissue over his penis and then put his four fingers on top of that, and rubbed away.

He didn?t so much as clutch his penis, pumping it, as he just stroked the top of his shaft back and forth with the pads of his fingers.

This particular client never made a mess. He came right into that tissue and then the tissue went right into the trash.

Hump a towel to ejaculate.

I also have a client who always ejaculates while on his belly on the bed by humping a towel.

I appreciate that he ejaculates this way. The towel catches his ejaculation, and then the towel can be folded up neatly and put into the hamper to wash.

But I never judge a man on how he ejaculates. As long as he feels good, that?s good enough for me.

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