Differences between High Poly Vs Low Poly 3D models

Differences between High Poly Vs Low Poly 3D models

Looking to create your own art studio company? Are you in love with 3d models that have high polygon counts? Do you acknowledge that 3D models provide better results and high-resolution models? This article is for you. Learn about low poly and high poly 3d models and how to apply both for the best results.

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Use high poly to model all the detail since the model offers the best quality. Through the model, you achieve superb finishes with less control of an enormous amount of vertices. To control vertices, use: brushes for sculpting and control low poly cages to subdivide surfaces. You can curve surfaces as well and use 3D scanning to generate some simulation.

Low poly 3d models also has its uses. The most important use is game engines since a computer can only handle many polygons in real time. Low poly keeps everything as low as possible applying normal mapping everywhere. Other uses of low poly include:

? Subdivision modeling

? Low-polygon proxy geometry for animating and rigging

? Low poly style

The main disadvantage of using low poly 3D models is topology. The end product looks shady while the subdivision surfaces are tight. That?s why most people prefer to convert low-poly models to high-poly models.

How to create a low poly mesh with high detail textures

? Create your model, click edit, press U and select ?Smart UV Project.?

? Press ?New? and add texture.

? Shape your object using Subdivision or Displace then press Bake to create a normal map.

? Add more material then move one tab over to the textures and add them too.

To convert to Tangent Space map

? Deactivate all tangifiers

? Click Edit mode and add texture using UV image editor

  • Go to bake section, change the setting to bake to a tangent map and press bake.

You can also check here- https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/24048/create-a-low-poly-mesh-with-high-detailed-textures

Conversion techniques

Conversion from low poly to high poly models is done through sculpting or Catmull Clark subdivision. Alternatively, high-poly to low-poly models is done through erotology or decimation. You bake details from high poly to low poly mesh into texture maps.

So, what?s the importance of low poly Vs high poly? This is rather a common question. First, determine why you?re using low poly mesh. If your computer can handle low poly mesh, feel free to add details. Consider what you?re creating the object for to keep counts at a good speed.

Simply stated, the computer determines the type of model used. Target hardware such as mobile phones displays low-poly in real time. Pixels displayed on the screen can be small or large depending on the object seen. Low-poly uses texture filtering to determine pixels size for game models and mobile phones. High poly use polygons to determine the surface detail of the object. Polygons are smaller in size than pixels and occur in millions. Modern computers depend on the count of entities in-game engine. If you only have an entity, the computer uses really high-poly. Those who do not like using low poly or dense meshes are allowed to create a medium poly mesh to avoid compromises or extreme situations.


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