Did Dave Chappelle Drop Clues About His Decade Long Absence?

Did Dave Chappelle Drop Clues About His Decade Long Absence?

The Chappelle Conspiracy.

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In 2005, comedian Dave Chappelle was supposed to be filming the 3rd season of his critically acclaimed ?Chappelle Show? on Comedy Central. Instead, he hopped a plane to South Africa, turned down a $50 million dollar contract, and went into hiding. The media then spent the next decade trying to discredit Chappelle, and he was blacklisted in Hollywood.

He has recently resurfaced with a new $60 million dollar Netflix deal for 3 comedy shows, two of which are already available on Netflix (from previously recorded but unseen shows in 2015 and 2016).

What?s interesting is if you watch the two shows now available, he?s potentially dropping clues as to what was going on nearly a decade ago. This includes attempts to blackmail him and even having him under surveillance in his own home.

Knowing what?s been confirmed in Vault7, it?s no longer conspiracy that the Deep State has the capabilities to record him in his own home using his own electronic devices to do so.

*This brings up the question:*

Why was Dave Chappelle being blackmailed and under surveillance?

From what I have been able to piece together; Hollywood was trying to control Dave Chappelle?s content and direction, but he kept refusing to get with their program. Chappelle seems like the kind of person who is naturally suspicious and skeptical, he?s also a cannabis user, and conspiracy theorist.

Few people understand that Hollywood is essentially a cartel with ties to the CIA Deep State, and has become one of their most profitable and powerful factions. The same people who write and produce movies, are the same people who own and produce the news media.

Chappelle grasped an understanding of what was really happening in Hollywood, and instead of getting with the program, he attacked other celebs and people with positions of power in Hollywood in his comedy skits. Essentially using laughter to attack the power structures that be. Which is Hollywood?s favorite weapon of choice against the masses, and here Dave was using his power to attack them. So they attempted to muzzle him.

Chappelle realized his only way out was to leave, so he did. Which triggered the media into slamming him for the next decade for refusing their money and programming. He knew that $50 million was basically a slave contract and refused it.

In his latest comedy show he talks about taking his son to see a Kevin Hart show, where he potentially realized how much he missed performing standup, and that times have changed a lot these past 10-years. While the Hollywood cartel is still around, they?ve lost much of their audience due to the Internet with the Millennial generation and generation Z. Chappelle then realized he now had an opportunity to reach a new generation that didn?t even really exist 10-years ago.

The Netflix deal makes perfect sense as he gets to control the content of his shows 100%, reach that new generation, and isn?t beholden to anyone. He can then take the $60 million and use it to finance his own projects and movies again without Hollywood?s influence.

I?m sure there?s some crazy details of Chappelle?s situation that went down in the past 10-years we don?t know and may never find out but it?s clear Dave didn?t want to be mind controlled, or enslaved by the Hollywood cartel with marching orders from the Deep State.

His new comedy shows touch on everything from calling out the Deep State, revealing how he was blackmailed, to making fun of the powerful elite in Hollywood, to vaccinations, and explaining the Care Bears.

It is worth checking out if you are so inclined, although if you?re use to ?safe spaces? prepare to be red-pilled.

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