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This week?s update brings the release of DEPOTWALLET version 1.5.0. This new version includes bug fixes and added features to our ever developing blockchain wallet. Bugs/Issues Resolved

  • Changed the NEM Explorer link to DIM Explorer for viewing transactions
  • Directing Mac OS users to Chrome or Firefox rather than Safarai
  • Placing the select bar on the bottom of the Transfer button rather than the top
  • ?Account? and ?Wallet Name? button has been combined into one ?Account? button
  • Fixed the information dialog for password requirements
  • Users can no longer click on the ?Create Premium Wallet? or ?Continue? button without filling in the preceding fields
  • Added the correct password text on the password icon when creating an account

Features Added

  • The ?Purge? button has been added to the bottom right of the DEPOTWALLET homepage. Users can use this button to delete the local storage of wallets. (Always back up before doing this!)
  • Mouse entropy integration for added security when creating a wallet

Others news includes:

The search for ambassadors has been successful and to continue that success, we have opened a Chief Ambassador Officer (CAO) position for the region of South America. The community and members are encouraged to spread the search of a new South American CAO. Apply by downloading the online form here:

Lastly, the free, limited-time offer for companies registering to get their IBIN will be limited to 75 companies limited to the 31st August. The quality and due diligence process can currently accept around 25 companies per month. We look forward to increasing this number in the future as time as time goes on.

As always, we thank the community for their support and patience.


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