Depixelate A Picture in 4 Best ways & Make Low Res Image to High Res

Depixelate A Picture in 4 Best ways & Make Low Res Image to High Res

How do you make a pixelated picture clearComparison between Original Image and Depixelated image using Pixbim AI Enlarge

Pictures are the best souvenirs from your past. Looking at them seems like you are reliving those memories. Be it your daughter?s first step or your college graduation; each one of them is close to your heart.

But the poor resolution quality ruins your loving memories when you try to enlarge them. Blurring makes things worse, especially when you try it with older photos taken from old cameras or cell phones.

So what to do? How to depixelate a picture? Well, here goes the answer. Using softwares like Photoshop and Pixbim, you can depixelate low res into high res images without blurring. Here is how;

How to Depixelate A PictureFigure 1 image is depixelated using Pixbim AI enlarge photolabs, left side photo is original photo and right side one is high resolution photo by AI enlarge photolabshow to depixelate an image without photoshopFigure 2 image is enlarged using Pixbim AI enlarge photolabs, left side photo is original photo and right side one is high resolution photo by AI enlarge photolabs

Depixelate Photos with Pixbim AI Enlarge Photolab:

This is Best Ranked software in our list as results it produced were good, uses latest AI technology, and has a free version for 30 days.

Well, we all have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence technology getting applied to many fields. Making a computer think like the human brain with the help of neural networks and algorithms, AI has increased performance of softwares incredibly.

This depixelating software uses the AI technology for increasing the image resolution as the AI code runs in background to predict missing pixels and reconstruct the image as close as possible to original image. The algorithms predict color, shade, tone and shape as it has been trained on millions of images to make prediction accurate.

What makes it stand out from all other softwares is its high-quality deliverance and real and sharp image result. Comparison of images enlarged from other softwares and from Pixbim AI enlarge photolab will clearly show the difference in image quality and its high performance.

comparison between depixelated photoshop image and depixelated pixbim ai enlarge imageFigure3 Comparison between Photoshop CC and Pixbim AI EnlargeHow do you make a pixelated picture clearFigure 4 Pixbim AI Enlarge Photolabs is highly user-friendly

Steps to Fix Pixelated Photo in AI Enlarge Software

  1. Click ?Load image? button to open an image
  2. Change the sharpen slider to increase or decrease amount of sharpness
  3. Click ?Start Process Full Image and Save? to save De-pixelated photo

The key highlights of the software are:

? The AI software is available and won?t charge you a penny and no registration is required, you have free 30 day trial version where you can save images and see the quality when you zoom into image.

? Delivers high quality enlarged images compared to Photoshop, or any interpolation-based softwares.

? You can increase the size of image by upto 400% (4 times the original image), making all the details clearly visible in a high-resolution image.

? Easy GUI making it easier and quicker for users to depixelate their images.

? This AI software does not need GPU unlike other AI softwares which consume lots of PC resources.

? You can get a trial version of 30 days to experience the quality of the tool.

Though there are many softwares available promising to do the trick, nothing gets the work done as the DEpixelating Software using Artificial Intelligence. And this is exactly Pixbim specializes in. DEpixelating an image requires technique and precision that only advanced AI technology can provide. And the best part is that the software is highly competitive for $29.99 when it comes to cost.

How to Depixelate Photos with Photoshop:

This is 2nd Best Software as it is expensive and cheapest subscription plan which has PhotoshopCC for individuals is Photography plan which is $119.88 per year and single App for individuals which is $239.88 per year

Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool that also allows you to enlarge your pictures without getting them blurred.

In Photoshop

  • You upload your low-resolution picture
  • Next, choose the option to resize it to whatever resolution you need in the image top bar.
  • Now, in the layer palette, choose Convert to Smart Objects from the image layer dropdown menu.
  • Now, select Sharpen from the dropdown in the filter, and then press on the Unsharp Mask.
  • The next pop-up window will allow you to move the slides as per your image requirements.

Photoshop is a good tool but it is expensive, heavy to download, not everyone can operate it easily as it is a complex software and high resolution result is not good.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer:

This is 3rd Best ranked software in our list.

This is a photo enlarging software you can get for your windows Pc. This software comes with many features and you can edit, enhance, cut, or crop or erase from your image and also add some effects from its included affect library to your images.

The High Resolution images are not as good and expensive.

1 year subscription of $29.99 and life time license of $69.99

Photozoom Pro 7:

This is 4th Best ranked software in our list.

This is a software that depixelates photos which is quick and easier to use. It will enlarge your images keeping the quality intact. It can enlarge images to million by million size, maintaining the image colors and quality.

The software is expensive at $175 and upgrades also cost.

Now, you know how to depixelate low Res images. So, are you ready to make your images stand out among the crowd?


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