Dear Post Consumer Brands Regarding Waffle Crisp Cereal

Dear Post Consumer Brands Regarding Waffle Crisp Cereal

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Dear Post Consumer Brands,

I am writing to you because I recently learned that you made the ill-advised decision to discontinue Waffle Crisp from your diverse line of products. I understand that you have a business to run and such decisions are bound to happen from time to time; however, I am hoping you use this letter as a sign that you need to reconsider. You could change it to an online-only offering sold through sites like Walmart and Amazon or you could create a new marketing campaign that will allow for you to reinvigorate interest in the product. Whatever you need to do to bring this product back in a satisfactory manner needs to be done.

I realize that my words are going to fall on deaf ears because you are a multinational corporation with offices around the world and I?m one man sitting at his keyboard complaining about cereal. I don?t want this letter to go to the end of the line though where it?s more likely to wind up in the recycle bin than the read file. If you are unable to consider reactivating the Waffle Crisp line, I hope you will ponder dusting a few boxes from the archives and sending them my way. I went to stores that were well out my way to buy it, so I hope that you are finally understanding the extent of my devotion.

I would also like to bring up the fact that you guys were the only company that was offering a waffle cereal. Now that Waffle Crisp is off the market there are no waffle cereals anymore. This is a miscarriage of justice that needs to be corrected right away. So many other companies are getting away with releasing cereals centered on a variety of shapes and flavors. I have yet to find a pancake cereal, but I have always known I had a waffle cereal on which I could depend. I had no need for a pancake cereal because all I needed to do to get my breakfast fix is reach for a box of Waffle Crisp.

I appreciate the encouraging offerings that you have added to your portfolio. At the same time, I fail to see any reason why you can?t have these new cereals along with Waffle Crisp. The more cereals you have in your lineup, the more appeal your products will have when they?re sitting on the shelf. I don?t need to tell you that though. You?re Post. The cereal behemoth of all cereal behemoths. The idea that you would need to limit the number of options you had in your cereal lineup is concerning. Invite more flavors to the party. Bring Waffle Crisp back into the fold.

What is happening to Waffle Crisp now is what happens to every cereal when its time comes to leave the marketplace. People are trying to get their hands on as many boxes as possible only to turn around and pump them into the reseller market. These boxes are going for $30 on up. That?s not right considering that you could buy a box for $3 to $5 when it was in production. I understand that you don?t have any control over this, but I hope you see that letting boxes of your cereal slip into this space only serves to gouge your customers rather than continuing to let them have access to your product.

I would like to reaffirm my desire to possibly get a box or two of Waffle Crisp from you. I don?t know whether you still have some boxes lying around or what kind of process you go through when you take a product out of circulation. Do you dispose of all materials, including the boxes of cereal you have yet to send out? I certainly hope not. I bet you could fire up the machines and start making Waffle Crisp tomorrow. If that?s the case, I don?t know why you are waiting so long. Get those machines going.

I?m despondent at the fact that you do not have a solid social media presence. I noticed that you were on Facebook, but your follower count was very low compared to your competitors. For this reason, I am unsure of how to get this message to you in a way that you will listen. I will attempt to dig for representatives in the hopes that they will be receptive of my plea. I realize that this approach could backfire, but I?m hoping I will get in touch with more decision makers and gatekeepers.

I assure you that this will not be the last time I will write about your cereals, especially in the case of Waffle Crisp. A lot of people take cereal for granted and expect that it?s going to be there year after year. They pass it by when they?re in the grocery store and even exclude it from their diet, believing that it does more harm than good to their health. This movement towards more healthful has only served to ruin breakfast cereals for the most part. It seems like companies such as yours have begun to go away from that. That?s one of the many reasons why it boggles my mind that you would take Waffle Crisp away during what could best be described as a cereal renaissance.

Until Waffle Crisp makes a comeback, I will post about it regularly on all platforms on which I have profiles. I will reference it in subsequent posts and follow up with your company on said platforms and through email. This campaign is not one that I expect will get a lot of supporters. After all, I?m the only person I know who ranks Waffle Crisp as one of their favorite cereals. Perhaps that?s why the time had come to discontinue it from a business perspective. I am here to tell you that the time to let Waffle Crisp disappear into the mist is not now, nor will be it be at any point in the near or distant future.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Allen Glines


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