Common Pullrite Superglide Hitch Problems and The Solutions

Common Pullrite Superglide Hitch Problems and The Solutions

Pullrite is a famous hitch manufacturer that has been around for more than 30 years and Superglide is one their best hitch 5th wheel hitches produced. Nonetheless, there are several performance issues that you could experience while using these Pullrite hitches. If you intend to get a hitch from this series, it?s advised that you learn how to deal with common Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems. In the case you are interested, down below are a couple of tips and tricks that should come in handy when your Superglide hitch is not working properly. The article included other important information about hitch arrangement and vehicle setting as well.

I. Important note

Image for postSuperglide is an reliable fifth wheel hitch brand!

Consist of many models with different capabilities, the Superglide line of product is what you need for a safe and uneventful towing operation. However, it?s very important to use a hitch with ratings that match your hauling demands. Using a hitch with inappropriate ratings would inherently lead to operational issues and could even endanger your safety as well. There are 6 Pullrite hitches that have ?Superglide? in their names so make sure you get the correct one. To help you with the selection, here are the Superglide hitches designations and their specifications. Read through everything carefully and you should be able to decide which one is the most suitable hitch.

  • #2300 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 24,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 6,000 Pounds

  • #2700 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 14,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 4,000 Pounds

  • #2900 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 18,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 4,500 Pounds

  • #3100 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 12,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 3,000 Pounds

  • #4100 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 16,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 4,000 Pounds

  • #4400 Superglide

Gross Trailer Weight: 20,000 Pounds

Tongue weight: 5,000 Pounds

II. Typical Pullrite Superglide issues and answers

Some of the most common Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems are quite easy to solve. However, in the case that you don?t think you could tackle the issue on your own, it?s a good idea to call in the professionals and let them take over. Attempting to fix the problem without sufficient skill could worsen the situation so act wisely. Take a good look at the owner manual in order to understand the operation of the hitch and decide the best course of action. You could even contact Pullrite customer service and have them direct you to a nearby service center.

1. The released handle is stuck tight

Too much rearward pressured may be applied against the lock mechanism and make it hard to open the release handle. All you have to do is to back the truck a little bit and then you could resume unhitching the hitch. In some cases, the trailer jack is positioned too high which pulls up the pin and positions it against the jaw bottom section. As a result, the jaw is unable to rotate open. Reposition the jack and everything should return to normal.

2. The trailer overhang hits the truck rail repeatedly

In general, the kingpin box of most trailers in circulation possesses a height adjustment mechanism. By manipulating it, you are able to achieve enough clearance between the trailer and the truck. A minimum clearance of 3 inches is desired under normal driving conditions so keep adjusting until you achieve the wanted gap. You could ask someone to stand outside and observe the hitch while you are turning to see whether the current clearance is adequate or no.

3. The latch handle mechanism appears to be a bit stiff

For this issue, you have to spray the locking mechanism with some lubricants, it?s recommended that you use WD-40 here. Keep spraying until you could operate the handle comfortably without any notable opposition. If the problem continues, you should consider lubricating all component of the hitch. Don?t place Teflon pad on the plate when you feel that it?s rather dry, there isn?t enough space. In most of the case, WD-40 and oil are the preferred solutions.

4. The hitch refuses to release the kingpin

Back your vehicle to the kingpin and use a probe to push Lock Lever the forward until the Lock Jaw Assembly could circulate around the kingpin. Next, promptly retract the jack and put away the wheel chock. Get into the truck and position the vehicle to line up within the advised degree limit (10 degrees for #2300, #2700 and #2900, 16 degrees for #3100, #4400 and #4100). After that, you could finally go back to unhitching the hitch.

III. Application and installation issues

Image for postThere are several issues with installtion of Superglide 5th wheel hitch.

1. Pulling another trailer with your Superglide hitch

The Pullrite hitch is only able to handle trailers that have Superglide Capture Plate on them. Without the plate, there is nothing to keep the hitch in the forward position. The weight of the trailer would simply make the head to turn and slam uncontrollably. As a result, hooking up the hitch without the plate could cause damage to the hitch, the truck and the kingpin. Some people think that this is one of the Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems but it?s, in fact, a design requirement that you should not compromise.

2. Lifting the hitch out of the truck with the help of the trailer jacks

While the method is totally plausible, you must ensure that the hitch would not be left hanging from the kingpin. Prepare a stable stand right beside the towing vehicle so you could quickly lower the hitch onto it. After that you could repair, maintenance or store the hitch.

3. Installing a bed liner into the truck before the hitch is installed

For model #3100, #4100 and #4400, it?s actually a good idea to put a spray in bed liner after you have finished setting u hitch. Doing that would let you cover the drilled holes which keep up the vehicle aesthetic value. Because model #2300, #2700 and #2900 employ base rails, you could apply a spray in bed liner before or after installing the hitch.

Image for postSolution for Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems!


And that is how you could solve some of the most common Pullrite Superglide Hitch problems, not too hard to take in, right? Superglide is a quality hitch but it?s not going to work smoothly all the time so you are advised to prepare beforehand. With the help of this article, you should be able to use your Pullrite efficiently and effectively for a long time.


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