Codecademy Pro Intensive Review

Codecademy Pro Intensive Review

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This is supposed to be all you need to learn JavaScript & React. While I was learning from it I found I needed outside resources to help me progress at times.

Review: Codecademy Pro Intensive: Build Front-End Web Apps

Disclaimer: I didn?t get a chance to complete the entire program due to life circumstances but I do feel I still give an objective review.

I found I learned a decent amount from the JavaScript course material and the project?s were very good. Many were small but there was always a project based on the topic you were learning.

I wasn?t able to get to the 2nd half of the course which was React. So I can?t give an opinion on the Code review for two projects or the React material but Codecademy Pro for $19/month does offer React training.

The project?s were the highlight of the program for me.

The downside though is that the projects are a feature in Codecademy Pro which is only $19/month. So the real question for this course is:

?Is the course worth the $199 price tag??

My short answer is no when you consider it?s own material in Codecademy Pro & other resources such as Udemy courses which are much more exhaustive in detail & considerably cheaper.

Another downside is the program is only available for 10 weeks. Which if life happens like in my case you may not complete it.

To me the only benefit to the Pro Intensive is this: TA?s to assist when you?re stuck, a forum with others, Code review for two projects and the Capstone project.

Codecademy Pro teaches the same material with smaller projects for only $19/month.

Udemy though I think is the clear winner. There is so many amazing courses that beat the Codecademy Pro Intensive.

Here is the list of Udemy Courses I would recommend and the order I would take them in:

List Updated: 5/2/2018

If you get these on sale you will only pay $50-$75 if you buy each one in the $10?15 range. That?s 155 hour?s worth of teaching which is significantly more hours then the Pro Intensive and much cheaper too.

As much as I enjoyed what I worked thru in the Pro Intensive I can?t recommend it to others for the reasons I listed above.


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