Cityscape Photography as Art. What the UAE’s Cityscapes show us.

Cityscape Photography as Art. What the UAE’s Cityscapes show us.

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Have you ever heard ?I don?t like cities? They are so fake and artificial. I preferer nature? statement? I am sure you did, we all did. Yes, there is something magical and relaxing about nature. But there is also something about the cities. In specific the highly developed one. The amount of technology and modernism that can be seen in modern cities is astonishing, and we can learn from it a lot. In this article, we will look quickly at the UAE as the perfect example, EXPO2020?s role in defining the future cities, and how I used photography as a medium of Art to give this message, as my ultimate photography and art goal.

Personally, I love cities more than nature. Why?

We can agree that cities are now the most important place to live in. In our modern days, the number of people living in the areas far from the urban centers is decreasing. It is becoming a logical choice as the city has advanced infrastructure and modern technologies that make our life easier. That being said, not all the cites have these ultra-modern features, as a matter of fact, some of them can really be a painful place to live in. That?s why I will be mentioning the UAE in general and Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two biggest cities sepcificly, as the perfect example of the modern city. What is astonishing about these two cities, is that they are not only normal modern cities, but they are a live example of what we, human beings, can make and achieve in a very short time. And that?s where my cityscape photography concept emerges!?

Let?s start with Dubai as an example, I can clearly remember around 15 years ago the shape of the city. It was literally all being build at the same time, the number of cranes and under-construction buildings and skyscrapers were more than the completed buildings! Now let?s get back to our current time, and see what did we achieve in this very short amount of time. Dubai and UAE is not only a country with fancy skyscrapers. It has one of the strongest economies in the world. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 4.0. UAE arrived at the 25th place globally, with advancing 2 places compared to the last year. It is also the 1st in Macroeconomic, ?Low? Inflation, Credit gap, 12th in infrastructure quality, and Abu Dhabi is ranked as the safest city in the world! The ?fancy? supertalls and skyscrapers are just a part of this whole story.

How do I use my photography to apply this?

In my photography, I make sure to include this message in different ways. I use skyscrapers as a symbol of what we can make as humans with high ambition. The beauty in my photography speaks out to you, the viewer, about the infinite vision of the people of the UAE. You can see in my photo below, Beyond All, the writing that was left in a construction site (now Gate Avenue DIFC) Beyond Space, Beyond Time. And in the background, the skyscrapers of Dubai and the Burj Khalifa, the world?s tallest building is standing high. There?s a clear relationship between these words and Dubai. And the viewer can relate them in their way. So how will you relate them ;)?

the beautiful skyline of Dubai a cityscape and architecture photo by ahmad alnaji photography expo2020Beyond Space, Beyond Time. Dubai?s Futuristic Cityscpe

EXPO2020 Role for The Future

EXPO2020 is an important event also which we will see in it what the cities will provide for us in the future. Mainly in Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity. Dubai is the perfect city to host such an event. It is the land where we already saw the most advanced technologies in these themes. It will help us imagine a stunning future that cannot be possible without the cities. A future that is already can be seen in the UAE. Where the sky is only the beginning. And from these words and as a final piece in this article, I would like to share with you these two works that can simply summaries the UAE?s message, and mine also in Cityscape photography. ?THE SKY IS ONLY THE BEGINNING? and we will not stop!.

fog covers Abu Dhabi tallest building a cityscape and architecture photo by ahmad alnaji ahmadalnaji.comTo the infinity. Abu DhabiFog covers burj khalifa dubai expo2020. a cityscape and architeture photo by ahmad alnaji ahmadalnaji.comBeyond the Sky. Dubai.

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