Chic or Chique?

What kind of Chic Is That?

Chic or Chique: The fashion world?s favorite word and its types

The French have a way with qualities they cannot really describe. ?Je ne sais quoi?, which literally means ?I don?t know what?, a phrase established by the French for indescribable potential. And the fashion world went with it. It is chic. Chic is derived from a French term ?Chique?. Chic is when something is in vogue, when something is indescribable and overwhelmingly great.

Attend a fashion show or eavesdrop at one, open a magazine or visit a website that deals with la mode, and it is a given that you will hear or come across this one specific term: chic.

Models backstage at fashion shows in every movie, sporting flat faces and sucked-in cheeks with their choreographer calling them ?chic? almost turning the whole situation into a realm of comedy. Anyways coming back to the terra firma of reality, I have heard fashion editors gasping the word chic while admiring each other?s work. There is usually a reply to it, which is: chic or trs-chic (very stylish) if you are in Europe.

Now that we have understood the term, let?s move on to the next step, which involves defining various types of chic.

Boho Chic

Boho is an abbreviation of the word Bohemian. This particular style enmeshes bohemian and hippie influences. The boho fashion is all about buying your clothes intelligently, wearing them smartly and then completely forgetting about them. If you want to go boho, try going for a Cline minx with ripped Dolc jeans and you are set to hit a music concert or a day out with your friends.

Rock Chic

Girls who do this chic right, look incredible. This look has a vintage and grungy feel to it and is extremely feminine. The main colors of the look are black and red. The two colors worn together will make you look really cool and give you an edgy look. At the same time try going over the top, rock chic is all about exaggeration.

Homeless/Trash Glam Chic

No, homeless/trash does not really give you an excuse to wear the horrendous piece of clothing in your wardrobe or wear that one outfit for a whole week. What it really is that you choose one thing which conventionally does not go with your other piece of clothing and match it with another. For instance, wearing Nike free runs with a cocktail dress is what circumscribes the above-mentioned chic.

Preppy Chic

Ralph Lauren polo shirts are beautiful and velour sweatshirts adorned with sleek 3.1 Philip Lim chino pants can be called preppy chic. This fashion demands neatness to the maximum. Exaggeration is avoided and minimalism is required by the mode.

School Girl Chic

Crisp collared shirts; sassy platform shoes paired with a nice plaid skirt and rule the halls of your school. Think tweed jackets, cute tights matching it with a laced dress to go for a look that is youthfully trendy. With chic this scholastic, you will manage to be at the top of your class.

These are some of the types of chic according to which a person can avoid experiencing a fashion faux pas and look fashionable on a daily basis, swapping from one chic to another.

There are a lot of cool ways you can adapt these looks into eastern wear as well. Accessories, tops, bottoms, mix and match to get that effortlessly chic look.

Do you think you dress chic? Send us a photo of yourself at your chic-est, and we?d put up the picture of whom we think is the chic-est! Bonjour, femme fatales!


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