CEO Guide to CBD Oil for Focus, Sleep, and Anxiety

CEO Guide to CBD Oil for Focus, Sleep, and Anxiety

Image for postCEO Lisa Buyer presents with more focus and clarity using CBD oil to reduce stress and anxiety.

Imagine traveling all day across three time zones, arriving at your event and heading straight to a dinner party. You wake up early the next day for a public breakfast, and in less than two hours, you have to be ready to walk on stage as the keynote speaker. No big deal said no one ever.

Did I mention this was 8,500 feet up in the mountains? Lack of sleep, new altitudes, and the stress of being the center of attention aren?t a winning combination.

As I?m sitting at breakfast contemplating a bloody mary or a Xanax, I see this man offering what looked like a magic potion in the form of a bottle and dropper. This seemed curiously illegal, yet perked my interest as to what everyone was oohing and aahing about.

Image for postWill Kleidon, CEO and Founder of Ojai Energetics

Will Kleidon sits next to me with his bottle and introduces himself. Little do I know he is the founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics, leaders and innovators in the hemp industry. Will pulls out a dropper and asks me if I?d like some CBD Oil to take the edge off and help any altitude or hangover feelings I might have.

Wait, is this like liquid marijuana? No, Will explains the difference between CBD Oil and THC.

We are not talking about getting high, CBD Oil is all about getting healthy.

Will put a dropper full of CBD oil under my tongue. Ok, this is weird. Thirty seconds later, I started feeling significantly better.

The ?I?m not good enough to be here? thoughts in my head started subsiding.

My brain started feeling less foggy and less anxious.

Focus, calm, and purpose joined the conversation, and within 10?15 minutes, my physical and mental attitude was zapped with a new state of clear and present consciousness.

I snapped a picture of the bottle so I could remember to research what the hell just happened.

Time was ticking for my presentation, so I packed it up and headed to my room to get ready. The next two hours flowed, flawlessly, like no other.

What Is CBD Oil?

To put it in simple terms, CBD is the part of the hemp strand that doesn?t get you high; it just has tons of medical benefits. This is different than THC, which is what gives you that high feeling from marijuana. While some CBD oils can have minimal trace amounts of THC, it?s nowhere near enough to get you raiding your pantry or feeling anything at all.

If you like it a little more technical, according to Honest Marijuana, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It?s one of a group of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is perhaps the best-known cannabinoid, but others include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabicyclol (CBL), and cannabicitran (CBT) just to name a few.

Where in the World is Will?

I had to track down this guy Will who introduced me to the CBD oil secret sauce. This was a huge unlock. I caught up with him to find out exactly how and why he started Ojai Energetics and how I could get my hands on some more to spread the CBD oil love.

?I became interested in CBD around 2014. I?d studied the benefits of CBD but was looking for a CBD oil that was free of preservatives and certified organic, which wasn?t on the market at that time. When I started to look into producing one myself, I met a chemist who taught me how we could make a formula that would be not only completely organic but also water-soluble, which would be a tremendous improvement on its bioavailability in comparison to other products,? said Kleidon.

Image for postOjai Energetics is making it possible to optimize the natural health benefits of CBD. They encapsulate the full-spectrum hemp oil in nanobubbles of water so that it is instantly absorbed upon contact with the mouth. This allows most people to feel the benefits in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes like standard CBD rich oils. It also increases the amount of CBD the body can use, over a 20x increase. Ojai Energetics uses only certified organic ingredients to do this, unlike anyone else who uses synthetically modified or synthetic compounds to encapsulate, making it the fastest acting, safest, and most bioavailable CBD on the market.

Benefits of CBD Oil

While companies are touting CBD oil for everything under the sun, including epilepsy, the research is still in its infancy. There is, however, promising research suggesting that CBD can help with the following:

  • Sleep, Pain, and Anxiety. Top three problems modern humans have are poor sleep, general pain, and anxiety. This is a closet syndrome; most of us have and are ashamed to share.
  • The correct application of CBD oil may resolve all of the above.
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Mood. CBD oil can reduce depression and anxiety and has been shown to provide an increase in your overall mood.
  • Heart and Blood Pressure. CBD oil benefits the heart and circulatory system, including the ability to lower high blood pressure.
  • Neurological Disorders. Studies show CBD oil is effective at treating neurological disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
  • Brain Function. It is proven to increase brain cell production in multiple regions of the brain.
  • Work and School Focus. CBD oil can enhance response time, reflex, etc. Excellent for work.
  • Acne. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the appearance and occurrence of acne.

Will Kleidon?s Digital Detox Secrets

When you are an entrepreneur; digital has no boundaries. So we asked Kleidon how he balances his digital life in the cannabis business world.

Wake up routine

Remember Richard Gere walking barefoot in Pretty Women? No? It?s a must.

?I like to be around nature to ground myself out. I wake up every morning, and the first thing I do is drink water, get grounded ground, and set the intentions for the day.?

Roll up those jeans, socks off, the third eye on. Walk on.

The Goods on Grounding

Walking barefoot because all the EMF?s that we are exposed this makes a huge difference. Lots of water and exercise and a proper diet.

Personal Wellness Tip

Will?s tips for a digital detox are to get outside, get around natures and plants, and get away from fluorescent lights.

The After Party Catch up with Will Kleidon and Ojai Energetics if you want more CBD goodness. The company offers some of the most advanced water-soluble CBD oil products on the market.

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