Ceaser Black Ink: Biography & Net Worth

Ceaser Black Ink: Biography & Net Worth

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Ceaser Black ink is a tattoo artist who is based in America alongside with being a television reality star bagging a net worth of about $2.5 million dollars. His staff?s general complaints about him is that he is arrogant and cocky. Although he still got his workers interest at hand with his tattoo shop. He is the main focus on a latest VH1 reality television series called the ?Black Ink Crew?. the basis for the show is to watch Ceaser and his present employees and other staffs, in their goal to make black Ink successful. The program came live in January the year 2013 and immediately followed by the second season which started some months later in September. This reality series has become a success commercially on VH1, with which the shop has consistent lists of celebrities that come regularly for their personal tattoo work.

Having the reality tv show and his tattooing shop, it is properly estimated that the net worth of Ceaser black ink is more than 2.5 million dollars in the early months of 2016. He is known as the first black person to own a parlor in Harlem, New York for tattooing. In few more months to come his net worth will certainly increase.

Ceaser black ink also is known as Ceaser David Emmanuel was given birth on the fifth of June in 1979 in the area of Bronx, New york city, United States. Black Ink live through all his childhood in New York city, in which he schooled in High school of Graphic communication and Arts, after he relocated to Livingston, New Jersey, and studied Graphic Arts in Katherine Gibbs College. He had his graduation in the year 1999. However, the passion for tattooing was noticed when he was in High School and in the days of College. He kicked off his person business of tattooing in the year 2011 and in a very short while he rose o the largest tattoo shops in the city of New york and also the best in the business. Also, the reality show is on the basis of his workers at the local tattoo studio, which comprises their relationships, legal issues and family have generated hits among many people. In the series third season it has already amass over two million viewers for each episode, this got it on the list of VH1 as the 3rd highest series rated bellow the love and hip hop franchise.

Ceaser personal life is all about his lovely daughter Cheyenne, to whom the reason for him going to the tattooing business because he wanted to give her the best in life that he never had when growing up as a young boy. He is having a romantic affair with a fellow reality star Dutchess Latimore in the year 2015. He was behind bars for the crimes of not paying child support in the year 2015 November. He is all about his dear daughter, maybe jokingly that is his hobby. Black ink is a philanthropist at heart.


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