Can Colloidal Silver Be Used For Cats Health?

Can Colloidal Silver Be Used For Cats Health?

Colloidal silver has surprising benefits for cat health care. It acts as a natural antibiotic for cat?s health. If you are tired of all the antibiotics and steroids given by the vet for your cat?s UTI etc. which could long term side effects, then you might want to try giving colloidal silver instead. Colloidal silver is a must have in your cats first aid kit. It a safe, natural antibiotic for all cats, even new born kittens. Since cats are finicky regarding what they will ingest, colloidal silver is easy to administer because it does not have much taste or smell. Colloidal silver products can be used externally also to treat them as it is safe to lick.

Colloidal silver acts as an antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal which can eliminate the growth of microorganisms and pathogens in the body without having any side effects.

Colloidal silver is safe to use, affordable and effective to treat the fur babies.

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Below are a few health concerns colloidal silver addresses:

? Eye infections

? Stomach ailments (helps with hyperthyroidism)

? Cuts, abscesses and wounds

? Ear infections

? Hot spots and yeast

? UTI and kidney infections

? Dental issues- Stomatitis

How to administer CS to the cats:

? It can be given to them in a small bowl alongside their water, in their water, or even instead of water.

? If they don?t prefer drinking water you can give it to them in a dropper or oral syringe and have them lick it in small quantity as you administer it.

? You can also put the colloidal silver on their food

  • For external use, it can be sprayed directly onto their furry body.

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Dosage for cats:

For maintaining the general health of the cat dose given can be 5ml/day. In case of any health issues 5?10 ml can be given 3?4 times day but this depends size of the cat.

Of course it is always advisable to check with the veterinarian before proceeding with any new treatment.


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