Call +1–888–480–0288 to Update Free TomTom XL Maps?

Call +1–888–480–0288 to Update Free TomTom XL Maps?

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Updating TomTom XL maps hold their importance. To experience a trouble free journey getting latest TomTom GPS updates are necessary.

It becomes more crucial to be regular on this job if you depend upon your GPS for your routine travels.

TomTom offers GPS map updates for Free and even paid. It?s your wish or needs to choose either of these.

Mapshare is the easiest way to get Tomtom XL update free of cost. It is official TomTom?s sharing instrument and is available for all users.

  • Benefits of getting Free map updates with MapShare.
  • MapShare provides the latest user maps database.
  • TomTom map updates can be downloaded for Free.
  • The new updates provide more POI? s(Point of interest), new roads, the new way to your same old destinations, and much more.
  • Be it a layman or a professional driver; everybody can blindfold trust Tomtom GPS maps.

How to get Tomtom XL Map for Free?

It is quite an easy job. Do the following to update TomTom GPS maps. Before that make sure you got TomTom Home Software on your system.

  • Launch Tomtom Home application on your computer.
  • Take a USB wire and connect your TomTom GPS device to your computer with it.
  • Click on the ?Add Maps? button.
  • You will see a list of TomTom XL updates available. (for your particular device)
  • Choose your update, i.e., either you want Tomtom Map updates or TomTom Software updates.
  • Downloading & installation will be started or free Tomtom map update. (For paid maps you need to make a payment before it starts downloading the map updates.)
  • It may take an hour to download TomTom GPS map updates on your system, be patient.
  • Once done you will get a success message for the same.

Tip: Do not make your system busy while downloading GPS map updates.

Also, do not dare to disconnect your TomTom XL GPS unit from our computer during the process is going.

You can explore TomTom Home?s main menu to check for other updates such as fuel price data, TomTom Map Share corrections, etc.


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