Brother printer won’t scan any document?

How to fix Brother printer can print not scan?

If you are able to print the documents from brother printer but can?t scan anything. It can be due to the due to the several reasons. Here in this article, I am going to share the instructions about how to fix the problem.

1. First of all, you need to check the network connection. may be the internet connection is breaking. That?s why you are unable to scan the computer.

2. Let?s put a picture on your printer and try to scan it from your printer. Let?s see if it is printing now or not.

3. Make sure your printer has been set up as the default printer. to scan the default printer. you can go to the printers and scanners, and check which printer has been setup as default printer. if you don?t find your printer as a default scanner. You need to click on your scanner and press the set as default button. now try to scan something from your computer.

4. Check the driver settings; may be your printer driver is outdated. That?s why you are going through such kind of problem.

5. After following all these instructions, if your printer is still not scanning the documents. You need to uninstall the printer driver and then reboot your computer once.

Once your computer will be rebooted, you need to install the new driver. After following these instructions, your printer will start scanning the documents. Somehow if it is still not scanning the documents, you should comment down below or visit askprob community to fix the brother printer problems. We will help you in fixing the problem.


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