Bring telnet back on macOS high Sierra

Bring telnet back on macOS high Sierra

UPDATE: JAN 20, 2018

macOS provided built in nc(netcat), therefore you can use nc in your command line as you do above in tutorial above.

No need to install telnet anymore!

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After I?ve upgraded macOS to high Sierra (10.13) the telnet was removed. So, in this topic we?ll bring the telnet back again.

First one you need a homebrew, if not let?s type this command to install them.

Install Homebrew

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Second, install telnet using homebrew

brew install telnetImage for post

Wait until install finished.

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Playing with telnet

Now we have telnet installed so let?s try to play with them.

telnet 80

Enter the http request header.

GET /~ross/ HTTP/1.1HOST:

and you?ll get output like this.

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