Bookzz and Top 10 Websites like Bokzz

Bookzz was one of the free websites to read and download ebooks for free. It was a top-ranked website as its database was filled with millions of files. All of them were free and were available to download in different file formats. But many illegal ebooks and notes were available on this website without its publisher?s permission. And due to these issues, this site was taken down.

The word ebook is a combination of two English words. The word ?e? is used for ?electrical?. So, ebook means an electrical book or a book which we read by using electrical devices (eg: mobile, computer). Commonly ebook is known as an online book. It usually exists in Pdf, txt, docs and epub format. Now a day, Audio Book (mp3) is also used as an ebook.

Due to advances in modern technology, books are being replaced with ebooks. We don?t need to visit shops and libraries to find your favorite books and buy them, as it is time taking task. Now we only have to visit a specific website on a computer or mobile, search for book names, and simply read them online or download it for free. How simple it is?

Why was taken down? was taken down due to a few legal and privacy issues. Bookzz was not following ?DMCA? rules, and hence this site was removed from the internet. Now it can?t be recovered again. The only solution is to use its alternatives.

Advantages of ebooks

  • No need to buy books.
  • No need to find books from different libraries.
  • Get the best content and knowledge without investing a penny.
  • It won?t cover any space in the room.
  • You can share it with friends without any trouble.
  • No fear of losing them.

15 Best Websites that Look Like Bookzz

Bookzz.Org has been taken down and is not working currently. But there are many alternative sites to bookzz from where you can easily download ebooks for free. These websites are listed below:

1. B-ok


B-ok is the best alternative site for bookzz. It is a free website having a huge collection of more than 4,842,704 books and 74,971,965 articles. It is a project of Z-Library ( New books and articles are added to this site on a daily basis. This is an attractive site due to responsive layouts and the best options to find your ebook. You can either select the ebook category, author and language to find quickly. This website follows ISBN (international unique book number, every book has its unique ISBN number)* system to access books easily. You can also add a new ebook, which does not already exist there.

2. Book Boon


Bookboon is another alternative to bookzz. This website has a unique design which makes it attractive. Bookboon is the world largest ebook publishing network. According to a report, more than 50 Million ebooks were downloaded from this site in the year 2015. This company was founded in 1988 in the UK and was launched in 2005 to work worldwide. You can download Bookzz for free of costs. This website provides an easy and best search bar to find your favorite ebooks.

3. Book Yards (Recommended)*


It is also a free ebook downloading website. This website provides three different options to find the best ebooks for you. You can search by Author, Catagory and Book title. If you want to download the ebook but have forgotten its name then you can still find that book by searching for its Author or at least you can select book category to find it. This website has a collection of more than 20,000 free ebooks.

The biggest issue of this website was popup ads that were disturbing its readers but now this site is being monetized by Google Adsense and that problem is solved.

4. Free ebooks


This ebook downloading website is not totally free. After signing up, you can download five ebooks every month for free. To download more than five ebooks (in a month) you need to pay for this. This website supports Pdf, ePub, Kindle and Txt file formats to download ebooks. It also provides a few Audio Books in mp3 format. This also shows the reading duration of all ebooks. This website is showing 3rd party ads that disturb slow device users.

5. BookSc


While talking about Bookzz alternatives, how can I miss Booksc? This website is an alternative to b-ok and bookzz using the same web design and API of Z-Library. This website has the same features, layouts and logo design like that of bookzz and b-ok has. Even it has the same number of books and articles that are already mentioned in the first point.

You can find ebook by searching for the book title, author name, ISBN number, and md5. This website uses an advanced search bar. You can download ebooks for free.

6. Open Library


With a large number of ebooks, arranged according to topics, categories, and subjects Open library is the best online library and alternative of bookzz. This website has a worldwide Alexa rank of 10,512. This is a free website launched in 2006 working without ads and sponsors and running on donations only.

This is my favorite website as it has the best arrangement. All the books are arranged in different categories, topics, and subjects. This website use advance search and random search to find ebooks easily. This website provides API and source code to developers for free.

7. Google playbooks

Google ebook is also known as google playbooks is an online ebook store. This ebook store is available on Android, Ios and Web platforms. This store is 100% clean from the legal issue as it is operated by Google Llc. It was launched on 6 Dec 2010. This platform provides all ebook formats including DOC, XML, HTML, MOBI, and PDB.

Books available on this site are not free, many of them are paid and have to pay for them. You can install the Google Play eBook app on your mobile phone to read ebooks.

8. Free Tech Books

This awesome ebook downloading website is limited for Technical topic books, notes, textbook and lectures only. More than 1200 ebooks are available on this store related to tech, programming, and coding computer science, Math support, operating system, Scripting, and Miscellaneous fields. Books are also arranged by their licenses. These ebooks are categorized into 65 types. This website doesn?t use ads and donations however sponsor links are available on their home page.

Ebooks available on this website are not totally free. Some of them are paid. Some ebooks can be downloaded while many ebooks can be read online.

9. Amazon Kindle Books


This online library is launched by the world?s largest e-commerce network amazon on Nov 19, 2007. Amazon has also published its android app on play store to read ebooks online. A large number of ebooks are available on this library and all of them are paid. Amazon kindle is the best book reading website but as it is paid, so it is not preferred by most users. However, Amazon Kindle provides the best refund policy to satisfy their customers.

10. Scribd


Scribd is an American ebook and audiobook (mp3) subscription service launched in March 2007. Scribd has more than 60 Million documents and publishers are allowed to publish their ebook on this store. This website is too much popular and has Alexa ranking of ?182?. After signing up, this website provides a free 30 days subscription to download everything for free. However, you have to buy a premium subscription to read ebooks after 30 days. You can also install their android and Ios app to read ebooks.

11. Gutenberg


This website has a collection of more than 60,000 ebooks available for free. You can search for any ebook, you can download ebooks and can also read them online. New books are added on a daily basis. This is a website with simple layouts, no registration or subscription is required to read books. This digital library is currently running on ?Donations? only. So please give a little donation to help them in building a large audience.

12. Library Genesis

Library Genesis or LibGen is a search engine for articles and ebooks. This unique search engine loads ebooks articles of different ebook downloading websites. According to a report issued on 28th July 2019, Lib Gen contains more than 2.3 million normal (non-fiction) books, 75 million science articles, 2 million comics files, and more than 2.20 million (fiction) books.

It is a Russian based website having different domain names like ?, ? (not working), ? (not working), ?, ?, ?, ? I personally recommend you to use this search engine.

13. Free Kitab


Free Kitab is a free Islamic ebook store having a large collection of Holly books, articles, and notes. This website was launched in Pakistan and is advertised by google ads. Most articles are available in the Arabic language with its translation in English. A number of hadith books, Tafsirs, wazeefa, and agenda books are available. All of them are free, you can download ebooks and can also read them online. It is only a religion-based ebooks store website in this list.

14. Internet Archive


The archive is a digital library launched in 1996. It is a popular website having Alexa ranking of ?239? world wide. Everyone is allowed to upload and download materials for free. The archive also is known as Internet archive has more than 20 million books, 5 Million Audio files, 4 Million videos, 3 Million images, and o.2 Million Pc Softwares. All of the above data is available for free. With 373 Billion web pages, Archive is one of the largest websites on the internet.

The archive is using different tools to crawl files automatically from the internet. You will find all type of ebooks, audiobooks, articles, games, and software for free of costs. You can also upload your file to this website which does not already exist here.

15. Free Computer Books


The web development field is growing day by day. But due to the lake of education, many people don?t choose this field. I strongly recommend you to visit this website as it has a number of courses on Math, C, C++, Android, C#, Data, Game building, Html, Java, JS (javascript), Machine Learning, Networks and Python.

You will become a coding expert after reading a few books on languages like Python, Html, and Js. It is the best IT and computer science-related website. You will see a number of tutorials available for free.

Other Websites Like Bookzz

There are many other websites that I have missed on this list as they are not much popular or don?t provide many quality materials. Some of these websites are given below:

  • Kobo: A free digital ebook store. Visit to find ebooks for free or download their official website.
  • Many Books: It has a collection of more than 33,000 free ebooks. It has more than 150,000 registered readers. Just visit there website and enjoy free ebooks.
  • Pdf Drive: pdf drive claims to have more than 1 Billion ebooks available in Pdf format only. All pdf ebook files are available for free. To download these files visit their website
  • Bookza: Unfortunately, this website has been taken down.
  • Good Reads: it is a social network where you can read ebooks for free. All of these ebooks are available with copyright permission. Their website is

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