Best Tablets for Notes Taking

Best Tablets for Notes Taking

Imagine you have already read several posts on our medium and now want to try digital planning and note taking by yourself. Which tablets are the best for such a task? Is there anything more you need to know? Our team has picked up some tablets that are the best for joining a digital planning world.

The best with no doubts: iPad Pro

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A tablet of a new generation by Apple is definitely a perfect one for literally anything. Head to AppStore to download the most popular note taking apps, get some cool tools and utilities ? and your understanding of productivity will never be the same.

What is more, iCloud with its bunch of features and synchronization utilities will make all the notes at your fingertips ? whenever the device you will use. And surely, do not forget to get an Apple Pencil! This will make your experience better in hundred times for sure.

Screen: 9.7″/10.2″/11″/12″

Pen: 4096 levels of pressure

Storage: 32GB and more

Battery Life: up 10 hours

Price: starting with 329$

Love Android? No problem!

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Just look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. S Pen here is coming inbox, and no worse than popular Apple Pencil. The weight of the tablet is just 1.06 pounds, and the battery lasts up to 16 hours, which will make the device your perfect companion for any travel. The storage starts with 64GB, and it is possible to widen the storage with any microSD card you wish ? a feature never available on Apple Devices.

And even though the price is 150$ more than the iPad, the device is just a perfect solution if you want to get something for planning as well. And Android here is just a perfect solution!

Screen: 10.5″

Pen: 4096 levels of pressure

Storage: 64GB and more

Battery Life: up 16 hours

Price: starting with 500$

Windows? Okay.

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If you want to remain the flexibility of Windows laptop, check out the Microsoft Surface Go. It is easy to carry, weighing enormously small, and has up to 9 hours of battery ? with the functionality of full-featured laptop ? but in a tablet form.

The Surface Pen has 4096 levels of pressure as well and is perfect for taking notes at all. And surely, you can get any app you want ? even use some Android ones via emulators. Windows comes in tablet-ish S mode as well, but there is no problem in switching to non-S, ?normal? mode ? and turn your tablet into a laptop with a special keyboard.

Screen: 10″

Pen: 4096 levels of pressure

Storage: 64GB and more

Battery Life: up 9 hours

Price: starting with 399$

Bonus: Everything for nothing

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If you want to take a try on digital planning, but don’t want to use anything more, take a look at Adonit Mini. Yep, this is a stylus. Yep, a small stylus. Yep, without pressure levels. But for beginning that would be just enough. And what is more ? it is easy to use a kid with any phone, laptop or tablet. Perfect!

Author: Matthew Holland, CTO, Inksot LLC.


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