Best Shoe Storage For Garage

Best Shoe Storage For Garage

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Whether you have a fabulous shoe collection or just a lot of feet in your garage, a shoe storage solution is vital to keep them all under control. Shoe racks come in lots of shapes and sizes, depending on how many shoes and what kind of space in the garage you have.

Top Three Racks Picks in Amazon

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3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack


Store up to 9 pairs of shoes per unit. 5.75 inches of space between tiers

Resin slat shelves hold up to 30 lbs. each

Espresso finish provides corrosion resistance in dry environments

Iron frame delivers strength and stability; folds flat for easy storage

Stack and interlock with multiple 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Racks

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Tier Shoe Tower Rack


SELECTED STRONG MATERIAL: Constructed from selected Non-woven Fabric, high-quality steel tube and PP Plastic connectors

ABUNDANT STORAGE SPACE: Durable 10 tiers Shoe Rack can Store up to 27 pairs of shoes to keep your bedroom, hallway or mudroom well organized

SPACE SAVING SHOE ORGANIZER: Great size of 22 7/8″ x 11 1/8″ x 62 7/8″

DUSTPROOF & EASY TO ASSEMBLE:Setup takes only a few simple steps

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Black Shoe Rack Bench


STABLE & ROBUST: Heavy-duty bench top made of 100% natural bamboo plank and holds up an impressive 264lbs

RENEWABLE & NATURAL: Bamboo wood is as durable as solid beech or maple wood

COMBINATION OF SHOE BENCH AND STORAGE: Each storage shelf accommodates up to 4 pairs of shoes; the ideal size of 27.6″L x 11.0″W x 17.7″H (70 x 28 x 45 cm) fits your hallway, close,living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio or kitchen

EASY SETUP AND ASSEMBLY: Setup takes only a few simple steps

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So Many Options

PVC Pipe

PVC is inexpensive and easy to find at your local hardware store. Very great if you?re looking for a spot to keep the shoes you use for yard work, golfing, or sports out of your way. But the only drawback of this system is lack of a place for boots.

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A Corner

As a matter of fact, most garages don?t have much extra space and some people don?t want a bunch of shoes collecting in their garage, these corner shelves are simple and they will limit the number of shoes you will have accumulating at your door. An inexpensive option, maybe not as versatile as some of the rest, but still very functional.

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Hidden Behind Doors

Our personal favorite since it keeps bugs out of your shoes and hides them behind closed doors?. 24-pocket mesh shoe bag is dedicated to only shoes. The pockets are made from a durable, nylon mesh which provides visibility of the contents to help you locate the shoes you want quickly and easily. The pockets are also a good size for storing hair accessories, makeup, toys, and other small items when space is at a premium. Overdoor hooks make installation a snap. Similar pocket mesh shoe bag can also be purchased at retail stores like Home Depot or Lowe?s.

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Slatwall Mount Shoe Shelves

Slatwall is completely versatile and diverse. The accessories can be changed without much work. Shoes can be organized on wire racks, shelves, in baskets, or on hooks. Panels and accessories can be easily found online.

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