What is the latest IPTV on the market you can try for free?

In the crowd of IPTV it?s difficult to choose between IPTV providers. Seems like they all offer the same thing with just different prices. Is that really the fact? The answer is no. I am going to explain why you should consider some IPTV providers over others. First I?d like to back to the very start.

What is IPTV?

IPTV refers to Internet-based Network Television where the Internet is used to transmit both live or on-demand TV programs and videos. IPTV is a network where the digital television service is provided to the subscriber by means of Internet protocol technology via the medium of broadband or internet access.

It?s slightly different from digital content that millions of users access on sites or devices like YouTube or Netflix, but it has the same ubiquitous, universal nature. Also, unlike regular cable or satellite connections, multiple TV sets may use a single subscription inside a home on IPTV.

IPTV uses an Internet Protocol (IP) network to transmit TV channels to the consumer set-top tv box. Internet networks differ from cable and satellite by providing content in the same client-server model that provides email, websites and other Internet-based services. As discussed further in this article, the IP or Internet Protocol is the language used to transfer data packets between computers linked to the Internet network.

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The user orders and receives TV Shows and video content is transmitted to the audience through an Internet Protocol (IP) network instead of a cable or satellite network. In comparison to cable or satellite, where content is transmitted in real time, broadcasts and forgets the pattern, IPTV has the ability to store programming on servers at the end of the transmitted, enabling consumers to request content over the Internet at any time.

I did not only explain what IPTV is in above, I actually mentioned some of the major Features an IPTV service must have.

An exemplary IPTV Service

A bit of marketing yes, but you should really consider reading this.

FalconTV ? IPTV Solution is a dedicated IPTV service provider.

About FalconTV:

FalconTV offers the most affordable prices and competitive rates on all our Android devices from the most popular manufacturers. You can purchase in bulk or small units, the TV Box will be shipped to you with IPTV App preinstalled and activated.

?FalconTV connects you with the best streaming content?

3 Days IPTV Free Trial:

FalconTV offers a No Credit Card No Commitment 3 days IPTV Free Trial. The process is very simple, you just have to register with your email address and you are given a Free Trial Code. The next step is to download and install the iptv app on your device and input the code for activation.

Live Channels: FalconTV has a wide collection of channels (4000+ Full HD) from all over the world. We linked with the streaming channel provider, and connected you to all the channels access you can also choose custom channel packages.

Offering Packages:

European packages

North American Packages

South American Packages

South Asian Packages

International Packages

Custom Packages

Video on Demand:

No need to browse the internet or search countless apps to find the movies you want. FalconTV provide daily updates on all the best movies and TV shows, all accessible from a massive content database. FalconTV works with many content providers who consistently upload VOD content, keeping things fresh and exciting.

Pay per View Events:

With FalconTV you will never miss an exciting live game. They have just the perfect solution for Live Sports and PPV Events. FalconTV comes with a amazing IPTV mobile App means you can watch anywhere anytime.

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Easy one step app connection:

Once you?ve downloaded the iptv app, you can connect to any service with a simple one step connection process. FalconTV also offer custom .apk files for your business, and much much more.

A win win relationship by IPTV Reselling:

FalconTV offers iptv reselling, distributing and dealership. Meaning you can join and grow your business. You can also rebrand and re-price your own custom offers to the customers in your area.

24/7 Support:

FalconTV provide 24/7 support, so you can reach out to them any time. From end user to main distributor they?ve got you covered. Let them handle all the headache and heavy lifting. This will free you up to take care of your customer. And don?t worry, they will never sell to your customers, they simply provide them with the general customer support they need.

At the end of my blog I will say that, choose an IPTV service by browsing it?s features and promises, use trials first then make your decision. Stay in touch for more info.

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