BEST 25 Professional Photo Editing Service

BEST 25 Professional Photo Editing Service


Hi, everyone! Photography occupies an essential part of my life, that?s why I run a quite successful photo blog in which I try to explain the actual value of different photography genres and professional photography editing services. Every specialized photographer should write and have the blog where everybody has access to his/her works. That is a rich contribution to the business in professional photo touch up. While looking for the required information or scrolling through photo retouching services reviews many people assess my current photo works. Many posts are supported with images done only by my hand. For instance, some weeks ago I prepared a post concerning innovative ideas for organizing photo sessions. This article was definitely rich in my photo works. Thus, I am more than sure that nearly a third part of all orders came to me thanks to my blog.

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To make that article supported by wonderful photographs, I had to choose the most reliable and best photo editing services. I had too much raw photo material, and couldn?t do it alone. I wanted to see my photo works in the most appealing light, so that they would become a good advertisement for my services. To solve this problem I found the top photo editing companies for photographers. It can be described as a big challenge for me, as their number is rather huge. Still, I had one condition: I wanted my orders to be ready in 2 working days without losing the quality and resolution. Surprisingly, it helped me a lot. Most of professional retouching services were not ready or not able to meet my demand. This way, the number of potential professional Photoshop services was cut to 25.

Moreover, I paid attention to people`s feedback towards the chosen retouching services for professional photographers. I read many comments and testimonials. Still, this topic disappointed me. When I wrote ?photo editing services reviews? in Google, I didn`t find anything useful. I tried different Google requests like ?online photo editing service review? or ?online editing services reviews?. Still, nothing useful or interesting.

Professional photography editing services reviews

As you have understood, all my attempts can be compared with a complete flop. Fortunately, I am not quick at getting disappointed. I decided to organize my own investigation about the best photo retouching services. Surely I will share my feedback and experience concerning using every professional photo editing service. Thus, below you will find 25 informative reviews about top professional editing services in Google.

What a professional photo editing service should consists of?

To my mind, every person, who collaborates with any popular professional photo editing company, expects to receive high quality, following the necessary photo style and definitely affordable prices. Time that will be used to complete an order is also a very important component. As many photographers, I am not eager to spend hours on placing my order. I am ready to devote maximally several minutes and not more. I believe that many currently working photographers have the same opinion concerning the best online editing services. For making this goal possible, the website usability must be quite simple as well as the offered customer service. Depending on everything discussed, I have made my own list of efficient criteria that will help me to assess any company and choose the best online photo editing service. They will be as following:

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My plan was quite easy. I just sent the same order to 25 well-known professional photography editing services. The selected companies were chosen randomly. It means that there were no limitations concerning countries, prices and so on. My order was also simple to make. It consisted of 2 unretouched portraits.

Image for post2 Unretouched Photos

Depending on my professional view, both pictures needed:

  • General enhancement
  • Skin retouch
  • Background touch up
  • Making eyes pop and removing stray hair

The main instruction was to make a natural photo retouching. Surely, in order for you not to get bored, I am not going to display all 25 retouched samples. I will display only several photos. I will do this to show the mistakes that I noticed and that surprised me the most.

Here is my list of professional photography editing services.

Nude retouching services reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Nude Retouching Company

Nude Retouching Company. I came across this website by mistake. I was simply trying to find an efficient professional portrait retouching via Google. Firstly, I was not sure should I select this company or find other best photo retouchers.

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This service presents itself as a company with specific retouching opportunities. They offer efficient boudoir and nude retouching. Still, my photo order had no things in common with the presented spheres. However, I was surprisingly delighted with the level of skin retouch they offered. That completely persuaded me and many other clients to give them a chance. Even the obvious fact that my model was not completely naked on both portraits did not stop me.

Many photo retouching services reviews about this company stated that this company delivers only good results. Lots of photo editing services reviews that I have managed to read, claim that their work is always flawless and perfect. Still, this fact does not influence on my opinion.

My photos were given back within 35 hours. Moreover, I was not asked to pay extra money. This fact pleased me. I paid $5 for every portrait. I think, it?s an average rate for contemporary photo editing companies for photographers in the USA. That is taken from my experience. Below you will see the quality of presented services. As you have already guessed, I have only one remark. I needed a particular level of retouching, but I didn`t find it in their services? list. This situation was not crucial for me, as I realized that professional portrait editing was not a genre they are specialized in. Therefore, it did not affect my online photo editing service review.

Fotofix reviews and Photofix reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Photo Fix Company

Have you ever found any Photofix reviews? Or maybe Fotofix reviews? Personally, I did not have such opportunity. This point let me write my own review that will answer all questions. My first decision was not to separate two online editing services reviews. I have always treated them as if they are twins. That is because I have not found any drastic or considerable hints of difference between these services.

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Both websites look quite simple and, as for me, unpromising. The samples of outcomes did not satisfy me either. Thus, I will not place them in the list of the best photo editing services. Having written about them, I want you to remember that it is wrong to judge about everything depending only on the first impression. I hoped that my thoughts were wrong and I would positively change my opinion. Still, the main surprise waited me little bit later.

When I tried to place my one photo order, one problem appeared.

?Please fix the following errors:

To receive your free professional fix you must opt in to receive our newsletter

(we send just a few a year and never share your email with anyone). These will include Fotofix promotional discounts and offers. You can opt out at any time after registration.?

That was a quite disappointing fact for me. This fact meant that to start collaboration with them, I had to receive information that I did not need on my email. I just hate situations like that. Definitely, all the best online photo editing service should not spam. Still, I have tested this company. I had to accept this offer, although that was a rude violation of my rights. Two portraits were ready after 48 hours. I paid $8 for one. That is too high as for such quality. View the outcomes below.

Photorelive reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Photo Relive Company

I continue with Photorelive reviews. That is the company that has been named as the most suitable variant for the best photo retouchers. Moreover, lots of contemporary photographers characterize this service as efficient and fast. Still, my first impressions were far from being ideal or at least positive. I cannot claim that this website is simple or comfortable for unprofessional users.

Image for post

The order was completely ready within only 44 hours and for each picture I was asked to pay $7. Comparing with other popular professional image editing services, that is a rather long period of time. Moreover, the rate is too high. Believe me, comparing with other services, that is not the best result. I had just one remark. I do not know why, but they did different backdrop on my portraits, although I didn?t ask them for that. In addition, I wanted to make remarks about eyes retouching. That was not successful at all.

Fix the photo review

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Fix The Photo Company

My list is continued with FixThePhoto company. I have found many reviews, but all of them did not satisfy me. Here is my own testimonial. Concerning the design of the website, I have nothing to claim about. It is clear and simple, has many beautiful before and after examples.

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Summing up, the level of website usability is quite normal. In terms of problems, I have noticed only one. This company presents too many photo levels. This variety will definitely make beginning photographers confused. But for all experienced photographers that is not a problem at all. After 40 hours I received my order and paid only $5. View my outcome below.

Retouchgem reviews

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This online service presents an average and standard level of usability. Unfortunately, people cannot place the necessary photo order quickly. Even I was at a loss when I saw a huge variety of popup windows. Moreover, it is hard to find the right pricing. In terms of photo examples I should admit that they are quite appealing.

Image for post

Still, one more thing disappointed me a lot. Tree times I tried to get in contact with them. I waited for the reply for two weeks. Definitely, the best photo retouching services should not behave this way. Retouchgem client`s service is awful. As you have understood, I cannot comment about their average level of retouching. I even did not have their quotes.

Retouchup reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Retouch Up Company

Retouchup reviews are the next. Judging from my experience, it was difficult to place an order. I saw too many popup windows. I spent so much time finding the necessary window. For me that was an irritating process. The best online editing services cannot be characterized this way. That is a huge minus.

Image for post

Concerning photo examples, I want to say that they are quite standard. I chose the highest level of photo post production they offer. I had to pay only $5. The next problem was connected with Retouchup coupon, when I just wanted to get a discount. I tried to find it on the most popular websites. Still, in some hours I came to a conclusion that this coupon for 5% discount is completely impossible to be found. One more thing surprised me.

? provides these terms and conditions ?as is?. maintains the sole right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. reserves the right to terminate such agreement any time without any notice to any such user? ?

But I had no choice and had to agree.

Retouche reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Retouche Company

There are many Retouche reviews in Google search. Here is my own and independent one. The website is too complicated and the site usability isn?t easy. Even after several attempts, I did not manage to find the necessary pricing list. The rate for one portrait is $15. That is too high.

Image for post

That is the most expensive service among all 25 professional Photoshop services. To crown all the problems, they needed 7 days to complete my order. That is the whole week. They also had one condition: in case I wanted to get pictures quicker, I had to pay extra money. By the way, portrait retouching is awful. They even changed the head shape. For what?

Tucia reviews

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Tucia Company

These Tucia reviews will not contain much positive information.

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The website is not reasonable and comfortable, but I liked their samples of before and after Tucia photo editing. They also have average rates, nearly $8 per a photo. Unfortunately, their work was awful. Their service was mentioned in the most popular photo retouching services reviews, but I do not realize why. The order was ready after 36 hours.

Pro Image Experts Review

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Pro Image Experts CompanyImage for post

Pro image experts review done by me will be the next. Firstly, it seemed to me that the website is simple, but I have questions to their pricing list. The website?s price list and real prices are different. Actual prices can be seen only after the registration. That is the cheapest company in the list, as I paid only $2.5 and after 50 hours everything was ready.

Photo editing company reviews

Image for postImage for post

This company can be mentioned in the list of our professional photo editing services for photographers. The usability is unsurprisingly standard, but it is difficult to place an order. I did not receive any reply and cannot access them. Unfortunately, I can?t judge their quality of work, because they didn?t answer me.

Shoot dot edit reviews

Image for postImage for post

These shoot dot edit reviews contain lots of questions after hours I managed to find the necessary information. I could not start working with them. I had to pay the subscriber fee for the whole year. Just imagine for the whole year! They even do not have Shootdotedit before and after samples. I tried to find anything in Google or YouTube. All in all, I wasted more than 3 hours for that. They have no prices for separate pictures, just $60 dollars for working time. Well, not the best online photo editing service.

Highendbeautyretouching review

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by High End Retouching CompanyImage for post

Highend Beauty Retouching.

Let`s continue considering professional photo retouching services. The website which deserves my positive review is Highendbeautyretouching. Its usability is normal and photo samples are appealing. But the minimal rate is $10 for portrait retouching. My order cost $20. It was fast and effective.

Photographers Edit reviews

Image for postImage for post

What can I mention in Photographers edit reviews? Although the website is beautiful, I didn`t find any photo samples and information about retouching like in other photo editing companies for photographers. They ask to pay $60 for one hour, the rate for one picture is $18. That is too expensive. I hoped to apply photographers edit coupon code, but failed with it.

Vital edit reviews

Image for postImage for post

Vital edit reviews are the next. Like in other photo editing services reviews, usability is normal, but there are no rates. Unfortunately, I did not find any photo examples, and vital edit promo codes, but their client`s service works quite well and fast.

We Edit Photos review

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Weedit CompanyImage for post

Weeedit Photos company.

This online photo editing service review characterizes the company that will be given the second place in my list. The main thing is that this service is devoted for different kinds of retouching ? from portrait to landscape. The website is simple and has a pretty design. Among minuses I may name high rates and a little bit slow customer service. Other characteristics enable to name it in the list of the best online editing services. After 18 hours I received my 2 portraits done well and in high quality. Check out what I got.

Digital Photo Editing Services review

Image for postImage for post

Certainly, that isn?t the most chosen and best online photo editing service in the web. It is unclear how to place an order. In my digital photo editing services review I want to mention that they are completely interested only in month payment. I failed to retouch 2 portraits as well.

Photorestorationretouching reviews

Image for postImage for post

All Photorestorationretouching reviews are negative. Although the site is simple, but the photo samples are awful. I have noticed many mistakes concerning their professional photography editing services. The last negative thing is that it is impossible to make an automatic order.

Wedding-retouching review

Image for postImage for postPhoto edited by Wedding Retouching CompanyImage for post

Wedding-retouching company is worth to have the positive online editing services reviews. The site is comfortable and photo sample are very pretty. But their specialization is wedding and family photography, and that is not suitable for me. I ordered portrait retouch and received the following outcome.

Essential Edit review

Image for postImage for post

The Essential edit review is short comparing to others. Both the website and photo examples are beautiful. But I didn`t find the price list. The client`s service is bad and slow. Nothing special and I can?t call them the best photo retouchers.

Fotofafa reviews & colorati reviews

Image for postImage for post

There are no Colorati reviews, as today they are known as Fotofafa. The website is appealing, but I didn`t find any examples of retouching. You will need to pay $60 for 1 working hour, but the level is not high. It cannot be compared with the best photo retouching services, which were described before.

Evolve edits review

Image for postImage for post

A simple website and cool examples, but I couldn`t place my order. I will also admit that $70 for 2 hours is too much. Moreover, I was not informed about the included retouching techniques they made. I also tried to get evolve edits promo code, but that was a failure.

Picsera reviews

Image for postImage for post

Have you read Picsera reviews? This is the biggest website among all presented photo editing companies for photographers. Only after surfing 10 pages I found the necessary information. It is also impossible to place an order without a quote and numerous applications. But I realized it only after hours of reading. I had to read more than 10 pages! The best photo editing services do not make their customers stay at their website too long.

My Lavalu review

Image for postImage for post

In the next Lavalu review I want admit that the website is old-fashioned, but still quite simple. There is not much text in the descriptions and samples of retouching. I had to email them to understand what they offer. That is wrong for professional photographers.

Purple matrix retouching reviews

Image for postImage for post

Purple matrix retouching reviews are almost the last in my list. I liked their website and wonderful photo examples. Still, the level of retouching is not satisfactory. I did not understand the exact pricing list, as for every additional service you have to pay extra money. I wasted too much time, and money as well.

Shark pixel review

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This service comes the last. Unfortunately, I didn`t manage to find the exact pricing list and deadlines. In addition, I was not able to place my order. All these options were available after emailing Kristina Sherk, who is a well-known retoucher. But I will not choose this service once more, due to high prices and uncomfortable permanent work.

After all these photo editing services, I found Retouching academy. Their level seems to be the highest. I like their samples very much. Later I saw many video tutorials which are necessary for constant studying of photo retouching. Highly recommend to study Juliia Kyzmenko and Pratik Naik?s works to see a good photo retouching.

I was objective in my photo retouching services reviews. Hope, you found them useful. If you have something to say, you are welcome to do it in comments.


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