Armband Tattoos — 25 Best Armband Tattoo Designs

Armband Tattoos — 25 Best Armband Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your true self!! And there are umpteen designs and patterns which one can choose from, to get it etched on his/her body. In fact, people today want to have something unique and different. They don?t want to go for regular tattoo designs, and that?s the reason tattoo artists come up with something new each day. And in the long list of tattoo designs, there is one design that is specifically meant for arms and i.e., Armband tattoos. Armband tattoos are very popular, they look classy, elegant and stylish.

In this post, I am sharing with you some of the best armband tattoo designs. But before that, I would want to tell you something about armband tattoos. Here we go??

Significance of Armband Tattoos

As the name says, these are the tattoos meant for arms or are made on arms. These tattoos look like a band on your arm as they encircle your arm just like a band does. These tattoos look elegant and graceful complementing your well-toned arms. Armband tattoos are meant for all, from a regular gym-goers to a college girl. Armband tattoos come in numerous designs, which include floral patterns, wrath, Polynesian, barbed fence, name armbands, and tribal patterns. These tattoos can be associated to people you love, or to the memory of someone who is no more etc.

Armband tattoos help you express yourself and your emotions for your loved ones. Some of the best armband tattoo designs are as follows:

1. Three Circles as Armband Tattoo

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Thin circle encircling your arm signifies simplicity and lucidity. This armband tattoo looks gorgeous. You can get these circles in the same size or one thicker than the other. This armband tattoo makes for a very elegant tattoo design, people who don?t want to go for a heavy tattoo design or want to have something simple, this one is for them. It looks great in black and mostly suits all skin tones.

2. Names Armband Tattoo

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Name tattoos are the most sought after tattoo designs, especially for the ones who want to flaunt their love for someone special. So, if you know the name of the person you want to get etched on your arm then this is the tattoo for you. This is the easiest and the best way to express your love, feelings, and emotions for the person to the world. Get it done in black, it looks mesmerizing. Although, size is up to you but too big won?t look that beautiful. But yes, small and medium sized name armband tattoos look stunning.

3. Musical Armband Tattoos

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For all the music lovers, this another way to flaunt their passion for music to the world. Music tattoos simply symbolizes one?s love, passion, and energy for the music. This armband tattoo is specifically for the ones who love music passionately and the ones who live for music. More often than not, musicians and artists get this one etched in order to flaunt their intense love and passion for music. It can be done by both men and women, whoever wants to express harmony and symphony of life through music notes in armband. Looks great in black ink, get your favorite music symbols etched around your arm. Also, for size medium sized bands look perfect. Perfect for all skin types, love for music is required, everything else is secondary ? ?

4. 3D Armband Tattoo

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3D armband tattoos look stunning, but here is a catch. 3D armband tattoos are a bit tricky and do need skill and expertise to etch. These life like tattoos are difficult to etch, hence it is indispensable that you go a skilled artist, who has done such a job before also. Perfect armband tattoo designs for people looking for something unique and extraordinary. 3D tattoos look real, and are very creative designs. You can get anything etched on your arm from an eye to a wolf. Looks perfect when done on your biceps. 3D tattoos are done in multiple colors to make the tattoo look real. 3D tattoos look great in medium to large size.

5. Celtic Armband Tattoo

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An amazing way to represent the art and life of the Celtic people is to have a Celtic Armband Tattoo. Celtic Tattoos were specifically used during the war periods to appeal the enemies. Each tattoo has some significance. Women carries Celtic armband tattoos with feminine symbols such as hearts, butterflies, and flowers. Celtic knots represent no beginning and ending, meaning infinity or the endlessness of the Universe. Just like the Celtic knot Celtic tattoos are a way to express your endless love and trust for someone special.

If you also want to express your endless love for the person, get this one. This tattoo is done in red, black and blue, and looks stunning in medium size.

6. Cherry Blossom Tree Armband Tattoo

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This one?s for women, as cherry blossom tree armband tattoo designs look beautiful and elegant. In China, the cherry blossom tree is considered to be a symbol for feminine beauty, power and love. Whereas in Japan these trees are considered as the representation of the transience of life. The cherry blossom tree armband tattoo looks picturesque, and make for an amazing armband tattoo design for women. Looks great in shades of black, red and pink. Size can vary as per your wish. Suits all skin tones!

7. Two Solid Bands

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Solid bands on forearm look mesmerizing and elegant as well. Solid bands are for those who are looking for something simple as armband tattoo design. This tattoo looks great when done in black ink. It is very simple yet very beautiful armband tattoo design. It suits all skin tones. Also, there can be variations in solid bands, like you can get two bands in different thickness like one thin and other relatively thicker. Any which way you do it, it looks gorgeous. The best part is this design looks stunning on both males and females.

8. Rose Thorn Armband Tattoos

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Rose Thorn Armband Tattoos are not only creative, but also they are colorful, as the red rose add an amazing color to the whole tattoo. This tattoo has a rose that is surrounded by thorns. Rose will be done in red color; however, you can use any color. Rose represents numerous things based on its color, like a red rose represents love, beauty, romance, while yellow is used to express joy and friendship and black rose will simply represent death and loss. This design can be done by males and females. An amazing tattoo to express you love, hope, or loss. It is usually done in red and black colors and looks amazing on arms or shoulder area. Suits all skin tones. Can be done in small to medium size.

9. Butterfly with Flower Armband Tattoo

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A beautiful and colorful armband tattoo that looks gorgeous on well-toned arm of a woman. Tattoos with butterfly are mostly liked by females. This tattoo will have butterflies and flowers making a beautiful band around your arm. The size however will be small to medium. Also, this gorgeous tattoo is done in multiple colors. This tattoo is for those who want to flaunt their love for nature and are connected to nature from core. Suits all skin tones and looks amazing when done in multiple colors.

10. Armband Tattoo with Feather

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already look amazing and they can be designed in several different and artistic ways. If you wish to express your patriotism for the country, then this tattoo is meant for you. A great way to display your pride and your loyalty for your customs and traditions. This tattoo can be done by both males and females and it looks stunning when done in multiple colors, having black ink in the background. It is considered a great choice for both men and women and this tattoo can be styled with different colors also. You can opt for a medium to large size tattoo. Suitable for all skin tones.

11. Bohemian Armband Tattoo

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A perfect armband tattoo design for well-toned biceps, where it will accentuate the muscular curvature of strong men and women. This one makes for an eye-catching armband tattoo design due to its boldness. The best part of having this tattoo on your bicep is ? it will always help you stay motivated to be in shape. The bohemian style armband tattoo is a beautiful way to express your fondness for this particular style. It can be done in medium to large size, and it is meant for both males and females. Get it done in black ink.

12. Geometric Armband Tattoo

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Geometric armband tattoo designs looks perfect and are best known for their symmetry. These tattoos have long been into existence, they were first found on the people of Micronesian islands around 2000 years. Geometric tattoos simply represent the passion for perfection and expertise in life. These tattoos are a bit difficult to make, hence require skill and expertise. More often than not, geometric tattoos are done in black, but if you wish you can add some colors to it to beautify it more. Geometric armbands can be done on wrist, elbow, and arms.

13. Forearm Band Tattoo

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Forearms bands are another popular way of getting armband tattoos etched. More often than not, these tattoos are simple, and minimalistic, but they convey deeper meanings and look elegant. They can either be done in tribal patterns, or thick black lines, or in geometric patterns. Forearm tattoos are preferred by people who want to have something unique and bold. These simple yet elegant tattoos symbolize pride, self-confidence and modern ideologies. Forearms tattoos are famous amongst both males and females. Forearm tattoos look great in black, and done in small to medium size. Suits all skin types.

14. Native America Tribal Armband Tattoo

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Originated from native America these tattoos specifically depict the culture and custom of the particular tribe. Back then each member of the tribe were inked with identical tattoos that would usually indicate their familial origins. But now tribal designs are opted by people who want to have some cool artwork on their body. Today, people go for tribal armband tattoo designs because these tattoos make for unique and extraordinary tattoo designs. Tribal tattoos simply represent love, peace, strength, wisdom, union and family. Tribal armband tattoos are common amongst men who want to flaunt their inner strength and velour. People who knows how to have a good balance between love, hate and other aspects choose this insightful armband tattoo design. It can be done in blue, red and black colors. Preferred size can be medium.

15. Polynesian Armband Tattoos

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Polynesian armband tattoo designs look beautiful and enchanting. Polynesian armband tattoos basically represent the customs and culture of Polynesia. These tattoos are now becoming popular amongst male and females. Polynesian tattoos mainly symbolize strength and velour, these patterns follow different geometrical shapes based on the part on which they are etched. These tattoos represent different meanings. Moreover, these tattoos are difficult to etch and hence need skills and expertise. It is preferably done in black color. Polynesian tattoos are generally done in medium size, which suits all skin tones.

16. Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo Design

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Having barbed wire surrounding your house may not appeal to you, but believe you me, barbed wire armband tattoos look mesmerizing and are liked by both men and women. Barbed armband tattoos are gaining popularity. They originally came from poison culture that was later taken up by the Latinos who used to live in Southern California. Barbed tattoos just like barbed wire around our houses represent security, preservation and of prohibiting a passage. Also, barbed wires represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and hence have religious representation as well.

If you believe in the power of the almighty, or if you are a private person, then this one?s for you. Barbed armband tattoos can be done by both males and females; however, females often get them in small sizes. It looks perfect in black ink. Good for skin tones dusky to fair.

17. Native American Armband Tattoo

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Native American armband tattoo designs usually have rope tied around the arms. However, this rope contains beads and couple of feathers hanging from it. This armband tattoo design is very much linked with the Native American culture. Also, it represents the Native American pride. One can add a few more elements like a bull skull, or a dream catcher to this tattoo design, to beautify it more. This is a perfect tattoo design for people who like to proudly flaunt their native culture and heritage. It can be done in black or may be in multi-colors. This tattoo can be done in small and medium size. Suits all skin types.

18. Aztec Armband Tattoo

Aztec Tattoos are originated from the ancient tribes viz Aztec. Aztec were known for their tattooing skills. More often than not, their tattoos used to be related to weather, fertility and creativity. And the other symbols could be sun, or moon tattoos, along with cross and eagles that signify the strength of a warrior. Also, the Aztec calendar and princesses do come in Aztec tattoo designs. Aztec Armband Tattoos make for an eye catching tattoo design. These tattoos are a great choice for the ones who believe in God. Aztec tattoos are especially done to honor the Aztec God. It is done in black color. You can get this design in medium to large size. It suits all skin tones.

19. Flower Armband Tattoos

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Floral armband tattoos are however simple, but they make for a beautiful armband tattoo designs. These armband tattoos are very popular amongst women and girls. These tattoos simply consist of beautiful flowers surrounded by vines. Floral tattoo armbands look attractive and come with numerous trendy designs to choose from. These armband tattoos depict power, strength, friendship and good luck. More often than not, women go for this armband tattoo design. This however looks good in black but if you wish it can be done in green and red. Small to medium sized flowers with vines look perfect. Suits all skin tones.

20. Tribal Armband Tattoo

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Tribal tattoo designs have always been popular amongst different cultures and regions for thousands and thousands of years. Tribal tattoo represents a society or culture or civilization, thereby making it an ethnic tattoo design. Tribal tattoos are usually inspired from the traditional tribal arts that by and large symbolize strength, valor and leadership qualities. Tribal armband tattoos are one of the best armband tattoo designs for males who believe in their inner strength and wish to flaunt it to the world that they are born leaders. Black is the perfect color for tribal tattoo designs. Can be done in small and medium sized as per your wish. Perfect for all skin tones.

21. Swirls and Stars Armband Tattoos

Most preferred armband tattoo design amongst men. These tattoos are however done in small size but the meaning they represent are worth having these tattoos. These tattoos usually stand for truth, hope, spirit, hope and religion. These tattoos require skill and expertise so as to etch it perfectly. They simply symbolize positivity and hope. Get this one in black with some beautiful colors. This can be done in small or medium size depending on your choice of size. It suits all skin tones from dusky to fair.

22. Hawaiian Armband Tattoos

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The latest armband tattoos are Hawaiian armband tattoos. These tattoos simply represent the Hawaiian culture and more often they consist of Hawaii?s flora and fauna such as dolphins, orchids, turtles and many more elements. Hawaiian armband tattoo appears like a tiara done on arm. These tattoos not only look stylish, but also they look trendy and elegant. If you also want to have a classy armband tattoo, then this is the one for you. These tattoos symbolize celebrations, strength and chieftain qualities, which are done to honor the rich culture and natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Get this one in black, it will look amazing. And the size could be small to medium.

23. Birds Armband Tattoo

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Birds armband tattoos look beautiful and stunning. These tattoos usually consist birds sitting on the string that is surrounding your arm. A beautiful armband tattoo that simply represent your love for other living beings. This tattoo design make for any eye-catching tattoos. This is usually done in black and the size can vary from small to medium. It looks good on all skin tones.

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24. Landscape Armband Tattoo

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Landscape armband tattoo as the name says, will have all the elements from nature such as mountains, moon, trees, birds, etc. This tattoo design is for those who love nature and are connected to the nature from the core. The ones who want to flaunt their immense love for nature. This tattoo is usually done in black along with shades of grey to give it a perfect look. It suits all skin tones, and also the size can vary from small to medium. The perfect place can be your arm or your forearm.

25. Chain Armband Tattoos

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This is for those who love to wear chain, and if you are also looking for a permanent chain on your arm then this tattoo is for you. Simple yet beautiful tattoo design for both men and women. Men can have this armband tattoo in thick chain links and women can choose to have thing design. This tattoo looks perfect when worn on wrist, it will look like a wrist band. Looks perfect when done in black, if you want you can add a pop of color. Small to medium size is best for this tattoo. It suits all skin tones.

I hope this post helps you have some idea about your armband tattoo design. Besides finalizing your tattoo design, you need to make sure that you go to a skilled tattoo artists who has been doing such tattoos. A tattoo once done can?t be removed so easily, so it?s better to have a clear idea about the design, size and location before you go to your tattoo artist.

Happy Tattooing?. ? ?


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