Anime Torrenting: Nyaa Vs BakaBT

Anime Torrenting: Nyaa Vs BakaBT

The problem w BakaBT Ratio

Hello! I get this question quite a lot on YouTube, so I thought to make a quick write up on the two torrents trackers I use the most

Both Nyaa and BakaBT are specialized on anime content but the main difference is that Nyaa is a public tracker, while BakaBT is a private

On the content side BakaBT at the moment is tracking 20_000 torrents from 320_000 seeders and peers, and 66_000 (40_000 power) users. The content is not really that big, and there are things I can?t find there, but the quality of torrents is outstanding, and seeding is so good, that it actually becomes a problem!

Image for postImage for postSearch and browsing in Nyaa is not much, inside the Torrent details isn?t much either, but the content is good enough

This post is mostly about BakaBT; Nyaa is public so everyone can try it, but one great about Nyaa apart it?s a very good tracker.. they are on Github too!


Let me tell you. The things you?ll find inside there, you won?t find them on any public tracker, all users are trusted, the search and browsing on their site is awesome, and downloading will almost always get your full internet speed!

Image for postImage for postBrowsing in BakaBT is pretty strong, w alternatives suggestions! Inside the torrent files things are even better, w detailed descriptions of torrents and mentioning on missing parts if any!

Whats a Private Tracker

If you are unfamiliar, private trackers require registration, and each time you download a torrent file, it is created specifically for you. Torrent protocol by default on their announce reports how much is your download and upload and that is connected with your username

Therefore BakaBT admins know exactly what torrents a user is seeding and peering and your activity history. That might seem like a privacy issue, specially considering that torrenting isn?t exactly legal, but anyway this is the way it is!


Registering on BakaBT requires to read their rules, and then to have a small interview on IRC, that they are asking you some basics and enable your account

It is a worth to mention that I used their IRC 3 times, and all three I didn?t wait much, and the guys were very helpful! Btw they run forums too, that are very active, but I never posted

The Problem w BakaBT Ratio

All sounded super cool that far, only that it isn?t! BakaBT has a ratio rule 2:1, which means that for every 2MB you download, you should upload 1MB

Every few days they make evaluations, and if your ratio is lower, then you?re account is suspended. Suspended means you can?t download anymore, but only upload. And if your ratio will go >12, then on next evaluation they will remove the restriction

That pretty much applies for all private trackers, but the problem with BakaBT is that it is over-seeded! That means you will download 20GB in 10 minutes, but to upload 10GB to keep your ratio healthy, it will take forever! In fact I don?t believe that?s even possible, unless you?re seeding originals 24×7, and you have some crazy bandwidth!

The only workaround for typical torrent users, is to pay. For every $1 you donate, you get 10GB which isn?t a very good price, but I think I will do! Haven?t paid yet, b/c payments can be made on specific dates, unless if you pay with BitCoins that you can donate anytime

Not everything is that bad, because BakaBT has many torrents that are free-leaching and you?ll see a green?F? next to them. Free Leaching doesn?t affect your d/l ratio, so you don?t need to worry about that, and you need to start with those

Initially I thought that all HD anime were free-leaching but I was wrong, and I got my account warned! So if you?re gonna use BakaBT pay attention to that!


anime is love, anime is life, for best experience watch in #GNOME :p

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