America, The Nation Of Hypocrites

America, The Nation Of Hypocrites

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By Marley K.

American don?t like to be called out for being hypocrites. You know, those people who pretend to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., they don?t actually possess, especially a person whose actions are contrary to stated beliefs.

America is littered with bunches of bigots and hypocrites.

Americans care about the Notre-Dame Cathedral burning on another continent, but couldn?t care less about the church burnings in the own country by a sheriff officer?s son no less. Americans say they care about houses of worship, as long as they are White ones. Americans should know churches are the some of most segregated places in America, and the worship hours for Christians are the most segregated times of the week. Media coverage this week highlighted how White houses of worship are much more worthy of its attention.

Most Americans say they believe in the scripture (Matthew 12:31) to love their neighbor more than they love themselves? but what they really mean is they love certain neighbors. As long as the non-preferred neighbors live on the other side of town, doesn?t ask for anything (pull yourself up by the bootstraps). How one looks and where they are from determines how (and if) they?re helped. We don?t feed themselves the same way they feed their families; we don?t treat other children the way they treat our own children and grandchildren, and we don?t love our neighbors within our borders. We tolerate our neighbors. People will fly all the way across the world to buy foreign orphans because it?s easy and cheap, but won?t go through the hassle and red tape to adopt orphans in their own country.

Most Americans love to tell the world all men are created equal, and all lives matter? except all lives have never mattered. Only the lives of rich people, White people, and the preferred classes matter. I wish America would write a disclaimer for the false advertisement. Immigrants need to know when they come here the words in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights are just words on paper and that the American people really do not understand what equality really is. It?s an American dream. Keyword being the dream.

Too many Americans believe we are free to go where we want to and this is the land of opportunity? except we still have White sections of town, Whites only places of worship, Whites only clubs, Whites only schools, Whites only employers (although they?ll never say it, but just look at the skins of all the employees of certain companies/corporations), governance structures which do not resemble the demographic makeup of the nation and well? I can go on, but I won?t. White people create systems and settings for Whites only, forcing everyone else to isolate and/or segregate themselves. Nothing snatches opportunity like exclusion and segregation. America loves freedom, but loves dictating who has access to it.

Americans love to say they love their military? but they fail year after year to end wars which destroy their mental health. Americans continue to vote for the same war mongers who extend wars to stroke their industrial war complex egos, with no regard for the health and well-being of the people they put out on the front lines and their loved ones. Americans will have a parade for soldiers coming home, but won?t make certain they have the resources they need to assimilate back into our societies after being asked to turn themselves into killing machines. They also won?t hold accountable the politicians who do not make our military live up to all its promises. Americans love to make messes of people?s lives. We hate cleaning them up.

Americans love to say they love this country, but they keep voting for assholes who want nothing more than to burn it to the ground. We won?t do anything except sit our lazy asses in front of the television and watch rich pundits give us their opinions regarding what we need to feel better and what our lots in life should be. We don?t want to get dirty. Heaven knows not too many White folks are up for duke?n it out with our government for equality, fairness, and freedom. White people won?t put their lives on the line for much of anything ? except their own comfort. Fighting is for other barbaric people, not Americans.

Meanwhile? America is on fire; much like the rest of the world if you watch Al Jazeera or BBC for a few hours. People are fighting for their lives everywhere, primarily where Black and Brown people live though. The vestiges of colonialism are still reeking havoc on many of these nations. The disenchanted and distressed people in these places are tired, and they have nothing to lose. These disgruntled citizens love their countries, but they aren?t afraid to do something about their governments when they mistreat them, to include dying fighting for change. People around the world are fighting for their lives or fleeing corruption, poverty, inequality, and injustice globally.

Just look at Sudan, the Gaza Strip/Palestine, Venezuela, France, Yemen, and Colombia to name a few nations. People are fed up, and they have nothing else to lose. A constant violation of our personal spaces or rights always comes before the battle. The discomfort is the motivator. A fight must happen before any change can ever occur. Change is hard, and those in power hate change, especially when it doesn?t benefit them.

Americans aren?t tired yet. We can?t come together in this nation for anything. Not even to fight to save it!

Americans have no problem destroying other nations with war, but they want no one coming here to start shit on their own soil, keeping their pristine little places intact. It?s like that in most nations run by White/Anglo/European people. Well, guess what? America is at war and too many of us don?t even know it. By the time most Americans figure it out, it will be too late. Because Americans are such hypocrites, our enemies have found new ways to go to war with us. It was easy too because we?re so lazy. We?re unwilling to fight for anything. We?re too ?civil.? And we suffer from groupthink. Common sense isn?t common anymore. When you take a good, hard look at Americans, we really don?t stand for much, and when we do ? we do not stand together in unity as a nation. It?s easy to divide and conquer us because we?ve always been divided.

Americans love telling other nations how to do democracy? except America, still a baby nation, hasn?t perfected the governance style itself. It?s like cheaters telling someone how to be honest.

America is a hypocrite nation, full of hypocrites. We hate being called out for it. And just because we do, doesn?t mean it?s not true. The world is tired of us. It?s the reason young men have no problem running planes into towers, killing American soldiers, kidnapping American tourists, or using our own biases and flaws against us. America has high moral, ethical, and social standards we claim we hold true ? standards we?re unable to achieve ourselves.

We are a nation of hypocrites. We need to inspect ourselves and learn to sweep around our own front doors before destroying another nation or person with our hypocrisy. America is an imposter and a pretender. America is sanctimonious, and deceptive. Everyday America exists, she contradicts the values she espouses.

We the people are America? and we are all hypocrites.

If we Americans don?t want to be seen as hypocrites by our fellow Americans and by the world, we know what we need to do. It?s time we Americans stopped religiously sharing our fake virtues and keep it real with one another, and the world. We?re not fooling anyone ? except ourselves.

People hate hypocrites. I know I sure do.

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