AI for Oceans: a #CSforGood activity

AI for Oceans: a #CSforGood activity

Image for postIntroducing AI for Oceans!

We?re proud to announce AI for Oceans, first step in a new journey to teach more about artificial intelligence. This new activity engages students ages 8 and older to learn about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, training data and bias, while exploring ethical issues and seeing how AI can be used to address global issues.

To celebrate the #CSforGood theme, students will learn how artificial intelligence could be used to help classify fish from trash to clean our oceans. To start, the activity guides students to provide training data to teach a bot called ?A.I.? to classify items as either fish or trash.

Image for postStudents start by giving A.I. training data so it can ?learn? to classify fish from trash.Image for postThen the bot?s skills are put to the test! If a student has trained A.I. well, it will be able to successfully identify fish from trash.

As the activity progresses, students can teach A.I. new words, which means new ways to classify fish. Students can also ?break? A.I. by giving it bad data, which emphasizes the idea that machine learning is only as good as the data used to train it!

In this example, A.I. is learning which fish are ?awesome? and then sorting them based on the data provided by the student.

Image for postA.I. is smart, but providing good data is key!

To help students understand these concepts beyond the activity, we?re also introducing a new video series on AI and machine learning. Check out ?What is Machine Learning?? to introduce basic concepts, ?Training Data & Bias? on how human decisions can impact how and what AI can learn, and ?Impact on Society? to explore the ethical implications of these evolving technologies.

Image for postAle Flores, product manager for Amazon?s Alexa, and Dr. Chelsea Haupt, product manager for an AI-powered tool at The Allen Institute for AI, are your guides in our new AI video series!The first video in the series introduces basic AI and machine learning concepts.

This new Hour of Code activity is a great example of how computer science is about so much more than coding. Whether you?re a student, a parent, or a teacher, AI for Oceans is an easy and fun introduction to the world of machine learning!

-Hadi Partovi,


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