I love Adidas. This is a very cool company with a long history.These three strips, I learn from thousands. Logotype is a distinctive feature of the brand. Adidas has three of them. But once it became interesting to me, what do these three stripes mean?

Birth of a legend

Adidas is a name that symbolizes competence in all sports around the world. Adidas was created by Adolf (ADI) Dassler, who began manufacturing shoes in 1920 with the help of his brother Rudolph Dassler. (later Rudolph will create a competing shoe company PUMA AG) For years, the only symbol associated with Adidas was the trefoil (flower). The ?3 bars? are undoubtedly the quintessence of the ?Adidas? symbol. This first logo for Adidas was invented by the company?s founder, Adi Dassler, and was the first to use it on shoes in 1949. Dassler created a symbol that could be instantly recognized when athletes used his shoes in sporting events. He emphasized associations with the slogan ?brand with 3 strips?. On clothes ?3 strips? first appeared in 1967. Today this symbol is associated worldwide with the Adidas brand.

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In the late 1960s, Adidas began to expand, incorporating sportswear into its assortment. This prompted Adi Dassler and his wife Kat to look for new, additional identifying marks for the Adidas brand. In August 1971, the shamrock was born, out of more than 100 ideas based on 3 strips. This geometric design of the triple intersection symbolizes the variety of brands of Adidas. This symbol was first used on Adidas products in 1972, and later became a corporate symbol.

In 1997, Adidas decided to introduce a comprehensive corporate design, choosing as the main elements of the new and still outdated, familiar to the whole world logo ? 3 bars. It was developed in 1990, at that time, by creative director Peter Moore. The form formed by the lattice is a mountain of tasks to be faced, and at the same time goals to be achieved.

The logo ?Adidas Style Sport? was created in 2001. The inspiration for creating this logo was the rapidly and constantly changing world in which we live today. This is also an inspiration for the whole concept of Adidas Style and Sport. The world is presented in the form of a globe that covers 3 bars. Adidas is indicated by three stripes across the globe, keeping pace with the speed change in our world.

Today, Adidas uses all three logos on its products.

Separation by style

The line ?ORIGINAL? is an interpretation of past years. Shoes and clothes are not designed for sports, stylish clothes and shoes, corresponds to different fashion trends and parties.

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The line ?SPORT? ? is intended for sports, equipment of athletes and teams. All technologies and innovations are present in this category. (for some reason, our people choose this particular direction for everyday wear).

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The line ?STYLE? ? the category is designed exclusively for everyday wear, more suitable for young and stylish people, the category is widely advertised by the stars of show business.

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Adi Dassler undoubtedly made a significant contribution to the development of sports shoes and clothing.Thanks to him, the company Adidas to this day occupies a leading position in the international market. I wish this company only success and prosperity.


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